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Mansfeld Mystery Solved

Entry posted by jgenn · - 125 views

This a follow up on my earlier post about a 1560 Mansfeld thaler that I bought last Spring and then immediately received buy offers through the Heritage auction site.  I wondered what might be so special about this coin and made some posts on this and other forums to see if I could find out.  Finally, I got a PM through this site from a person who found my earlier post and provided some information about the attribution for this coin.  As I had speculated, there is nothing particularly special about this thaler except that the collector who contacted me has a connection to the Mansfeld region and only collects Mansfeld thalers.  I have agreed to sell this coin so that it can join a collection where it will be special.  My one condition on the sale was to ask the collector to share some of information about these Mansfeld thalers with us here.



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An underrated feature of custom sets is the ability to include coins that you don't own.  I switched the 1560 Mansfeld thaler in my Silver Dollars of '60 set from "owned" to "want" and will keep the pictures and description until I find another one.

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