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Time To Sell My Roosevelt Dime Set " Don't Be Mad - Be Clad "

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Mark Gibson - Gemguy2u


OK one and all. After many years of collecting and now I am wanting to get things in order for retirement, I am going to be selling my Roosevelt Dime Set - " Don't Be Mad - Be Clad " in the 1965 to date Circulation Issue.

The set is ranked #1 and has most of the 1 only coins available for the grade. It will be up for auction on Great Collections over 6 weeks beginning Sunday 11-25 and the last auction will be on 12-30. 119 coins total so get ready to bid. The coins have already been shipped so please do not message me to buy any of them. I do want to thank everyone who has helped me get the set to the #1 slot. And there has been many of you who have helped. Most of the coins are in NGC holders. Only 19 are in PCGS holders.

Take a look at the set and pick out your favorites, you may possibly get 1 or a few.

Thanks to you all

Mark Gibson



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I can only predict that all 119 will sell for sure over the 6 weeks. If anyone is wanting to build a #1 clad set, the five or six 1 only MS68 & MS69 FT I have should drive

prices up and that's a beautiful thing. 

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Good Luck on your auctions Mark !!

 I sold a group last winter but have not had any lookers since then.

I am sure the collectors are out there but timing is the essence on great sales. 

Great Set,

Rick Young

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You Are Correct. Getting to #1 is a very hard task to do especially when there may only be 1 coin in that top stop. But

there are things I am wanting to do to get me ready to retire so the coins will pave the way.

Thanks for the comment.


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