1776 Continental Curency

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Jessica Gardner


Hopefully im doing this right.i went to an estate sale and bought this old very old ugly coin i took it to a silver shop and had it put on their machine to read what medals were in it ..the man looks at me and says (its fake)Lol well according to the machine with all the different cheaper metal in it .it equals out to be made out of pewter.and i would like to know how to or what steps to take to go about to get it certified .ect..i looked at the submision forms it was confusing to me ..this web site is confusing to me as well .but dont spend alot of time on line ..im just needing a little guidence .can any one help me????

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2 hours ago, Mk123 said:

post this in the main forum vs journals. Also show us pictures

We absolutely need photos to be able to tell you anything.  It is impossible to evaluate anything about a coin from written descriptions only.

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