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My 2nd submission to NGC!

Entry posted by Mk123 · - 215 views

I chronicled my first submission and the outcome here a few months ago, well I just mailed off my 2nd submission! Again, 19 coins and all from thailand.

Last time I submitted 19 thai coins, I had 11 graded, 8 details. There were some coins I expected to get details and some I did not expect. I used the experience I learned from the last submission to carefully inspect my current submission..........hoping for no details grade!!!

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Good luck and yeah it's a shoot at times but it is fun. I also found out that Littleton coin company buys and sells cleaned coins when I submitted some and they came back to me with that stigma. 

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Thanks all! Not as overly anxious as before, patiently waiting for them to take their time grading and of course hoping for no details grades!

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Hi Mk,

Looks like a great submission....some very interesting pieces in that lot.  I'll be extremely interested to see how this lot goes for you.......I, too, am hoping for no details grades for you!  I want to see you win one all the way!

Keep us posted!


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