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My 2nd submission to NGC!

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Jade Collection


I chronicled my first submission and the outcome here a few months ago, well I just mailed off my 2nd submission! Again, 19 coins and all from thailand.

Last time I submitted 19 thai coins, I had 11 graded, 8 details. There were some coins I expected to get details and some I did not expect. I used the experience I learned from the last submission to carefully inspect my current submission..........hoping for no details grade!!!

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Good luck and yeah it's a shoot at times but it is fun. I also found out that Littleton coin company buys and sells cleaned coins when I submitted some and they came back to me with that stigma. 

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Hi Mk,

Looks like a great submission....some very interesting pieces in that lot.  I'll be extremely interested to see how this lot goes for you.......I, too, am hoping for no details grades for you!  I want to see you win one all the way!

Keep us posted!


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Ok, NGC just posted my submission results.....drum roll..............argh!!! Did better than last time but was hoping for better!!!

So lets run through this:

The 1st one, the baht I expected to graded and it did, XF is fine, it'll replace a duplicate lower grade one so I'll sell the lower grade one. Very happy
The 2nd one, I expected either really low grade or maybe details.....glad it got a grade, very few population numbers, of course I'm happy
The 3rd one, the 1/16 I didn't expect the MS grade! Its my highest graded one so I can sell 1 or 2 lower grade ones. Very happy
The 4th one, I expected higher than a VF but will take a straight grade.
#5-10. Geesh I didn't expect that at all.  I especially thought #7,9, and 10 were nice and would grade! Alas, NGC thought it was AU but details due to environmental damage and or a cleaning that I missed!!! Thats the main thing I've noticed from other submissions of thai coins.....so many get environmental damage or are cleaned!! This is why I sent these coins in, I want them preserved but also hoping that they don't get that dreaded details. Live and learn!
#11-19 everything graded yay! I was hoping that some of the 1899 1/2 att would get higher than a 63/64, they looked very nice, I had hoped for 65 or higher!

So my first submission I sent in 19 thai coins, 11 straight graded, 8 got details
My 2nd submission (this one) I sent in 19 thai coins, 13 straight graded, 6 got details.

I did better but want to do much better! Will there be a submission #3, maybe if I can come up with 19 more thai coins that need submitting. I try to buy slabbed  but if I do get a great deal on some raw ones I will  pick them up and put them aside for another submission but its gonna be a while as I'm very cautious due to many getting details!



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Hi Mike!

Damn!  I was so hoping you'd get no Details grades this time, but you're moving in the right direction with fewer of them!  Overall, looks like you did pretty well though.  Lots of straight grades and MS coins with some older issues.  I think if you do keep selecting coins and grading them yourself, you'll do quite well in the long run.  From what I've seen from this submission and your first one, you're definitely developing an eye and you're learning to see what the graders are seeing when they grade your coins....this is the key to success with submitting yourself!  I'll tell you honestly, my first two submissions were not nearly as good as yours have been.  But, I stuck with it and learned and now I mostly get positive surprises in my submissions, recent Friendly Eagle issues aside :).  There are some people who will never be able to develop an eye that will allow them to have successful submissions on their own that need to buy things already slabbed and there are those who absolutely have the potential and skill to develop into a successful slabber......from where I'm standing, you're strongly in the second group! 

Keep it up, you're doing great!


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I have up on Littleton coins my first year of collecting they will sell and buy anything. They have the highest price anywere. And they won't tell you it's be cleaned or details. I wouldn't sell them my socks but they would sell them . Thanks Mike lots of luck with those coins. Mike

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