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Nearing the finish line



I'm back at it and am excited to be focusing on my coin collection.

I have been focusing on collecting a type set of early commemorative coins. I'm nearly there. I have 8 more coins to get and of course they are the most expensive ones. I'm thinking about the Antietam coin or the Battle of Gettysburg coin for when my tax return arrives. I also need the following: Isabella Quarter, Missouri, Hawaii, Hudson, Spanish Trail, Cincinnati. To maintain my collection at MS65 or better, I will need to pry open my wallet as the remainder may cost me above four grand.

Being disabled I don't have a lot of spare cash laying around. I'll have to get creative when I'm ready.

Thank goodness for tax returns! I now have the Isabella quarter in raw condition. It looks uncirculated to me. Picked up the Antietam coin too. Wow what a spectacular strike, well worth the money.

I'm trying to find a decently priced Missouri coin. Tougher than you think. If I stick with MS65 or better I'll have to dole out some money. I'm content at the moment with my collection. So I can wait for some time before I buy another early commemorative.

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