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Insanity at the Mints



How crazy are the mints?

This journal is posted with the context of modern silver bullion coin issues

Not content with just a regular version of the normal coin, I am calling out the mints by the amount and varieties of bullion coins they make in a given year.

1. BU (brilliant uncirculated) or MS (Mint State) or business strikes

2. Proof strikes

3. Privy Marks

4. Burnished

5. Reverse Proof

6. Hologram

7. Colored

8. Gilded

9. Micro Engraved

10. Non-round shaped coins

11. 3-D shaped addition

12. non-silver attachment (opals, meteorites)

13. Glow in the dark

Any more? lol

When they make just 3 versions, I call them boring. When they make 4-6, I call them creative. When they make 7-9, I call them really creative. When they make more than 10, then I call them desperate for sales :p

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