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Hybrid Ancient Custom Sets



Can we find a way to increase the interest for collecting ancient coins?

I just sent David Vagi an e-mail expressing my disappointment at the low parturition rate in the formation of Ancient Custom Sets, only 83 sets after several years (88 sets are shown but five have nothing to do with ancients and should be culled).

I am a recent convert to collecting ancient coins, I started the year NGC started certifying these coins. And my custom set is pretty meager in that after all this time it contains only 159 coins. The reason I wrote David was to express my opinion that it might be a good idea to have competitive ancient registry sets. But I acknowledged that this most likely would not be possible because NGC keeps no info on the coins variety thus the registry points would be based solely on grade and condition and a very common variety denarius and very rare denarius in the same grade and condition would have the same registry points, definitely not fair.

I then suggested a hybrid concept. That is custom sets whose contents are defined by NGC just like registry sets but no registry points are assigned. The point is that NGC come up with numerous sets containing 7+/- coins to let's say 30+/- coins. These would be manageable sets that would not take forever to fill and would allow NGC to compare the contents of sets against one another and reach some sort of objective determination of the best set in that category. I suggested a couple of obvious examples such as the 12 Caesars or a set containing one coin from each of the Ptolemy's. I don't know maybe these set could also be subdivided base on the metal used in minting the coins.

These just my thoughts, I would like to see more interest in ancient coins and this is my proposed approach for increasing that interest.

May I suggest that if any of you have additional ideas on this subject that you also write David.

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