A Sky Blue '60



It took a bit of magic to capture this image.

When viewing a toned silver coin from a certain, special angle you can really appreciate the color, but it can be nearly impossible to capture in a photograph. Somehow, I positioned an OttLite, just right, to maximize the color on this one. Try as I might, I just can't replicate it and now that the coin is encapsulated, there's little hope of success.

Of all the coins of Spain that I've collected, this is my one late empire example, purchased for my Silver Dollars of '60 custom set. It features one of the better portraits of Queen Isabel II. She was only three when she was proclaimed sovereign and sparked a civil war upon the death of her father, Fernando VII in 1833. Her reign was overthrown in the revolution of 1868.

The 20 reales of this period closely maintained the dimensions of the 8 reales. It was 38mm, 26.291g and 90% silver. Mine is the more common variety from Madrid with a mintage of 941,000. You can see the less colorful reverse in my custom set.




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