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Glad to see that nothing has changed at NGC



Turn around?

So, I am (somewhat) back from a 2 year lay-off from collecting. Before I took the break I had been sending in submissions for grading to NGC for about 6 years. But after endless problems with the whole process I couldn't take it any more. Whether it was a mis-label or over charging for the service or a coin bouncing around in its holder or orders held up because the "professionals" couldn't tell the difference between a regular British pound coin and a pieford British pound or on and on and on.

And now that I'm back, my first submission is still in grading after 18 business days. That's 24 days total. They still have to make it to the slab room and QC!!

What is the point of having the turnaround times listed if you don't even adhere to them?!

Anyone else having this problem too or is it always just me?

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