Reflection on a Collection



I was inspired to look at my collection in a different light.

When I contemplate my collection, I generally think about dates, types, grades and values; and I visualize linked pairs of obverse and reverse sides. I enjoy learning about the history and personalities associated with the times, places and persons represented by the coins. so they are part of my reflection as well. However, when I saw the photo montage that one of the collectors ATS put together, of the best face of several of his coins, I was inspired to do something similar from my collection.

Many choices were easy and I found that focusing on the eye appeal of just one face gave me the freedom to make more artistic judgements. I was happy to see that I ended up with a representative date range and good variety of types and countries. They are all world crowns but that is what I collect. Curiously, none are my most costly or highest grades or from my competitive sets. I have known for awhile that I don't greatly care for busts so the fact that none were selected was not a surprise. This was a fun exercise and I think I've gained some insight into what I really value in the coins I collect. Hopefully, this knowledge will guide my future collecting decisions.

I hope you enjoy viewing my favorite eight faces as much as I enjoyed the process of selecting them.



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