Loving Life and Big Congrats too the 2015 Registry Winners

hunter's gold


A big shout out too all of my fellow collectors who supported me.

Hi everyone. I would like too congratulate all of the 2015 registry Award winners. Great job. I was blessed too have won my share of registry awards for my former collection of Lincoln 1959-Present Lincoln circulation issue small cents. KKM, Jay Church and Sheila Moore you should be proud of your collections. It took me longer to catch Jay Church over the last several years than any of the other categories. A big congrats too him. 10 years of working on my former collection and 22 registry awards later and the only one too have placed 1st in all 4 of the circulation issue Lincoln cent categories I decided too sell my Lincoln collection in May of 2015 to buy some property in the north part of my home state of Florida with a fellow disable veteran friend of mine. I would like to share just some trail camera pictures from our property. These are just trail camera pictures of some of the wild game on our property. None of them are harvest pictures, but hunting is one of the reason we bought the land. We have white tail deer, Florida black bears, eastern turkeys and wild hogs, which are an invasive non native animal in all of the United States, frogs, fish, gators and so much more. All together I had just over $2.00 in face value in my collection. The pictures hopefully tell you how happy I am too have sold this collection. As always, thanks for looking and Happy Collection


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