My last post and some reflections on my former collection

hunter's gold


Some really good pictures

Hi everyone. This will be my final post so I wish everyone the best. Most of you know that I collected Lincoln cents. After placing all 4 of my modern 1959-date business strike Lincoln cents this past year, which was the first time a collection had received #1 in the registry sets or tied, I sold my entire collection earlier this year. Do I miss collecting coins, YES, but every time I am at my property that I bought my smile is much bigger. I know some of my fellow collectors bought some of my former collection and I am happy for you. Top population coins are hard too come by and I am glad that some found good homes. Thank you too all who encouraged, educated and supported me over the last nine years. I leave with a few pictures of my former coins. As always, thank you for looking and Happy Collecting.


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