Presidential Medal of Appreciation Eisenhower Class 1 Award



Acquired from a collector in France.

The DVD of my Money Talks presentation at the 2015 ANA World's Fair of Money is available for borrowing from the ANA Library. The first book that cataloged this "lost" presidential medal series is ISBN 1511786744.

The image is a composite of a snippet of my ANA presentation slide (lower portion) and of my latest acquisition from a collector in France.

It's a remarkable acquisition in that it supports my original research findings (in my book) in that President Eisenhower awarded his "appreciatory medal" in France from September 2 - 4, 1959.

My acquisition is a three-piece set with: original presidential envelope, card from President Eisenhower, and the President Eisenhower Class 1 medal (DDE-C1-02). The first intact set to be located and identified.

Surviving mintage is 436 specimens (after President Eisenhower's end of 2nd term destruction of unused medals). DDE-C1-02 was issued in the Federal Republic of Germany, United Kingdom, and France from August 26, 1959 through September 7, 1959.

NGC has previously graded this type of medal (I have a NGC MS65 specimen).


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