First Coin Gold Fever: My Start in Coin Collecting (June 28, 2013)



I really knew nothing whatsoever about numismatics when I bought this coin.
Part of the deal was a free copy of the 2013 Red Book

I knew it was gold, and I thought the PCGS holder it came in was meant to keep it secure, and to assure me that it was genuine.

When received, the holder couldn't be opened, which surprised me, and the holder had wear on the backside that obscured the coin a little.  Through a jeweler's loupe, a fiber could be seen on the reverse side of the coin, yet another reason to get it re-holdered.

As I learned more during my first year of collecting, I realized that I preferred NGC holders just for their presentation appeal.

This past year, I sent the coin to NCS to remove the fiber, and it was to then go on to NGC to be crossed-over.  NCS reported that the fiber blew off with a "puff of air," so they didn't charge me, or if they did charge me, it was only a handling fee.  This 1881-CC $10 Liberty successfully crossed into a beautiful new NGC Scratch Resistant holder.

Visually, in person, it is a likable coin, but when photographed with just an iPhone, it is absolutely gorgeous.

Who says US Gold coins are lacking in portrait beauty?  Care to guess the grade?




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