Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 3



Bringing Funny Back

Well a while ago I started putting a set of $1 and $2 bills together. Got a little side tracked with my US coin type set this year. Think its about time to add an older bill to my set. Here is the earliest silver cert I have gotten so far.

It is a 1928 A Funny Back. Not rare by any means but I still think its cool. Believe I got this for $10 ish at the Eagle eye coin shop here in Tucson. Not sure what the next one I will pick up is but have been want a $2 Battleship for a long time. Maybe I can find one of those for a decent price.

As for my US coin type set that I wanted to hit hard this year it has kinda stopped at this point. Kid started school and thats costing a nice chunk of change a month. Luckly it hasn't gone backwards. Well except for that 1900 O/CC Morgan that was part of it but I sold that for twice what I paid so that was a plus. Also it was never meant for my US type set just happened across it on ebay for a sweet deal so bought it.



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