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Shot-Down Spy Plane Results in the Forced Destruction of Gold & Silver U.S. Mint Medals



Want to learn more?

Yesterday, the American Numismatic Association confirmed that my submitted Money Talk topic was accepted for presentation at the upcoming ANA 2015 World's Fair of Money in Chicago!

I'll be showing images of the gold & silver U.S. Mint medals that were forced to be destroyed (part of the U.S. Mint's "non-disclosure" series of medals).

The main focus of my presentation is to present information about the U.S. Mint's "non-disclosure" series of medals. This U.S. Mint series has eluded being documented by U.S. numismatists and U.S. historians.

The U.S. Mint has neither publicly disclosed general numismatic information nor provided any information whatsoever about this "non-disclosure" medal series that they designed and manufactured.

I know exactly why it's a "non-disclosure" series and why the U.S. Mint is still keeping it under wraps . It will be explained and supporting evidence will be shared at the ANA 2015 World's Fair of Money in Chicago.

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