I sent some coins in to be conserved and graded, and of course no one is ever happy. But I believe that one was damaged while in others hands. It came back as a PF68. Now no one ever sends in coins that they feel will not get a PF70 when you are dealing with modern day commemoratives. Because of the expense of acquiring the coins then 30 plus each for grading etc. One looks them over very skeptically before sending them in to be assured as best as they can they get the best results. Also half of the capsules were broken, and broken in the exact same way in appearance. 10 sent in and 5 busted capsules. I called and really did not get anywhere so I hung up in frustration. It seems that their theory is damage occurred during transit between me and the destination.

I guess that is a possibility, except that I over pack to protect them, I have sent hundreds of packages containing coins, and not one was damaged in all that time. I would think that if MY package was damaged when they got it that I would have been notified, but I was not informed as such.

My question is this: Has anyone ever been notified that someone accidentally dropped or damaged a coin you sent in for grading/conservation? If so how was it explained to you and what was the outcome?

Pardon my rant, but I am absolutely dismayed by this recent submission. I know after I post this, I will have thought of things I should have said, and perhaps found better was to express myself, but that's the way it goes.

And to top it all, most of the coins I can sell for more money raw than graded PF69. That is why I wanted the OGP back. To sell the ones that I could sell raw again by breaking up the slab to try and recoup some of the loss.

Yes I am prepared for the negative feedback, so let me have it.


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