This confirms -at least to me-

A few days ago, we had a discussion on one of my journals about the 2nd party grading of the CAC, PQ, MAC. Perhaps others to come, which seem to want a piece of the coin grading pie ($s)and not have to go through the processes of the NGCs and PCGSs.

I said before and I reiterate; We do not need high fives from anyone but the good guys! NGC and PCGS. Certainly not two or three or more of them.

I just went through a session with CAC and finally gave up. The dealer I went through could not believe my coin did not get the nod from them.

The dealer even sent a registered letter to CAC which has not been acknowledged as yet and much time has passed. We know they got the letter because it was signed for.

To further cement my allegations that their system is faulty, and my coin should have gotton their attention (green bean), NGC found it okay to give my coin an award, which in my mind far eclipses any 2ndary labelers thumbs up.

One picture worth thousand words.

For me, it puts to rest the question of the secondary labelers. They are no better at grading, than I am at spelling. Pretty good but in no way an authority.

Thanks, You decide what to do. I for one will NEVER pay more for a coin with a label, and certainly do not want the holder sullied with stickers all over it.

Capt. Brian

The Lost Navigator


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