Registry points and values



Will the real value please stand up.

I recently wrote about my registry points and collection value falling through the floor. I also, recently. responded to a comment in a recent journal conversation, it follows:

Well, I still have some more work to do [on my registry]. Guess I sent off some of the wrong coins and kept some here. So I deleted the three I left here, sent them off today and have not added back in the three I sent by mistake. Not sure what they are. Also, have not totally completed the trade for the 1991 WTC MS70, so who knows what. I may wind up paying a little more for it, or getting some back into my registry. In any case, I feel my registry points do not add up to what I really have, nor does the dollar value.

So many coins are in limbo regarding actual values, and point values. If NGC and PCGS are going to assign labels to coins, as they must as events take place such as the WTC, then those coins should have special slots in the registry and coin census and points.

As it is, when a true collection must have coins from both NGC and PCGS, I feel registry points and values should reflect reality. So often the dollar value given to a coin is not what is actually what is going on out there.

I have paid for coins to other collectors, and received money for coins that those prices are not reflected in the registry and or notes. I am sure that if NGC were to believe every note they received then the prices would be all over the place.

So, when your coins or points do not reflect your reality, you just have to grin and bear it. I guess, a journal is the best place to shed light on some realty between collectors although, that reality may not be shown in the auctions or books.

Also, when you are about to buy or trade for a coin, perhaps a scan through the journals or queries to members may be a good idea. You may find that someone has recently traded the same coin and grade. In any case, it is best to do the most research you can, and do not rely on any one source, such as the price and cencus given by any one place.

I think that NGC does a masterful job in updating and giving the best information possible.

Live with it and HAVE FUN

Capt. B


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