From position 198 to 1300 back to where.



Time to tidey up the registry.

I got quite a suprise in the mail yesterday. My first Journal Award. I have no idea how they made this mistake and sent it to me, but I am not going to say anything lest they ask for it back.

I am slowly becoming a real collector as my stash has grown by adding almost anything put in front of me like a man starving man at a banquet. I had my collection all over the place since then not having any real focus. Coins came and went like some sort of train station. Some items not staying here long at all, some for just a few days.

Last August it hit me. I was getting too many coins with no direction at all so I decided to stop buying unless it was totally impossible to trade into something. Since then I have traded myself into only 70 coins left. That is if you do not count coins that are not graded. Those in paper flips.

I did have, at one time over 400 coins of all kinds and discriptions. I bought a lot of raw coins and had them graded. In doin so I came across four counterfeit coins. I learned some hard lessons but still can eat and pay rent so I guess I did not do too bad.

I have begun now to focus on hard to find items and low populations.

Now, I need to clean up a long ignored registry. You are going to see a greater reduction in numbers and perhaps value.

I did delete a lot of coins a while back when I traded away all my Indian sets, all my foreign gold which I had graded a few years ago. I have traded into what I feel is a real collection not a potpourri of many colors.

My flagship coin remains the same, the 1907 $2.5 PF68* Cameo, but there are a few others added in recently which are attempting to push it out of position like the 1907 High relief I wrote about recently.

My latest addition took away 87 coins and has not arrived yet. It is another World Trade Center coin $50 MS70 1991.

So, currently, do not belive what you read in my registry as it need to have many coins deleted and one added.

Keep looking and so will I. The coins are out there, have to keep searching.

Capt. Brian



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