A Helping Hand to Philippines Numismatists



Accurate mintage provided to Honeycutt H-525 & Basso B-898...

See image. DDE-12 (medal in image) information taken from my book: The Dwight D. Eisenhower Appreciation Medals, ISBN 1495348229.

The Philippines numismatic reference books cataloged the Eisenhower visit medal, but does not provide additional information.

DDE-12 was struck by the US Mint in Philadelphia. Obverse and reverse designs by Frank Gasparro. Medal was used during President Eisenhower's trip to Taiwan, Philippines, and State of Alaska. Base on my research notes, roughly 225 medals were distributed in the Philippines.

This is a very interesting US Mint medal series now that it has been uncovered after being hidden for over 5 decades. Standard US silver dollar planchets were used for the medal. Google "NGC Registry Eisenhower POTUS Appreciation Medals" to see more extractions from my book.

Dr. Honeycutt was provided with my DDE-12 information and he indicated it will be included on his next book update.

Medal in the image is in my personal collection.


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