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Sale Akin to Hoard Dispersal



The Royal Hawaiian Mint (RHM) is commemorating its 40th anniversary by emptying its vaults.

I first reported their sale of past issues (i.e. hoard dispersal) on September 12, 2014 at my website. These are originally struck issues and not re-strikes. On September 16, 2014, Coin World reported the 40th anniversary of the RHM and the availability of related commemorative issues. Coin World's write-up did not mention the sale of past issues.




Many of the RHM issues are available for NGC encapsulation/grading under its World Coin (Krause Publication) listing or Medcalf & Russell listing. An example of the Krause cross listing is provided at the end of this entry.




Hawaiiana numismatists (includes me) are ecstatic with the offerings and many issues have sold out quickly. Several offerings being released are private issues (not previously offered for sale) or difficult to acquire issues.




A sold out private issue example is the 1989 King Kalakaua Gold Hawaii State Numismatic Association (HSNA) medal (1/20 ounce, 13 mm, and .999 fine gold) with a mintage of 65. This medal is listed in Medcalf & Russell as 2M-200. RHM gold issues with miniscule mintage are tough to acquire.




Another offering of limited issue is the 1992 Waterhouse Commemorative. Only 50 bronze medals were issued. The following description was taken from the RHM website:




"The Waterhouse family dates back to John Thomas Waterhouse Sr. a Methodist missionary and his son, John Thomas Waterhouse Jr., who arrived in Hawaii with his father in 1851. John T. Waterhouse Jr. started the Waterhouse Trust Company, a financial firm dealing with real estate, brokerage, investments and insurance. He also served in the Legislature during the monarchy, the Provisional Government, the Republic of Hawaii and favored Hawaii's annexation to the United States. John T. Waterhouse issued the earliest known Hawaiian token in soft white metal with the bust of King Kamehameha III on the obverse and the name of his firm on the reverse with the Hawaiian inscription "hale maikai" that means "house excellent"- a good place to do business. The tokens circulated from 1855 to 1860. The Waterhouse name is still well known in Hawaii today, as descendants of John T. Waterhouse carry on the traditions of their early pioneer family with several business enterprises. In 1992, the Mint was honored to commemorate the 80th birthday of Alexander Cooke Waterhouse with gold, silver and bronze medals based on the original 1855 tokens issued by the Waterhouse Company of Honolulu."




The above mentioned original Waterhouse token maybe seen at: http://www.ngccoin.com/coin-explorer/hawaii-pscid-82/-coinid-765662




Also being offered are the Hawaii Dala series. This includes the rare 24KT gold relief issues. Of the 14 Hawaii Dala offerings, 9 have sold out as of today. (Note: Most have obtain major listing status in the Krause catalogs and are one of the most expensive offerings at the RHM website).




There are too many examples to provide. In all, eight issue groupings are being offered. These include: Original Issues, Royal Issues, Historic Issues, Military Issues, Contemporary Issues, Hawaii Dalas, Current Issues, and Private Issues.






A Krause Publication listing of Hawaii Dala X# MB70 is for the RHM issued 1991 Princess Kaiulani Silver Dala with First Day of Issue counter stamp.








You will to need to peruse the Hawaii country listing in the Krause catalogs to locate the RHM issues.




I personally have made multiple purchases. Of the 13 items I've ordered, 7 are now sold out.

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