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I got another one



The price gods have smiled on me once again. I got another 70 for my modern half dollar commemorative collection. It's a 1995-S Basketball graded at MS70. It's a great strike and the detailing is very nice. I got it for a good price. You can now bye some of these half commem's for less that fifty bucks per coin.

Displaying slabs is harder to do. Looking through a binder with great looking raw coins is nice and it's convenient. I don't think I'll sell my raw ones as they look so nice in the binders. I have seen some "slab notebooks" that look nice and each display page has pockets to display 9 on a page.



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OK I'm on a run with good prices on the perfect commemorative's. Just received my 1982-S Washington, PR70DCAM. Also got a 1995-S, Civil War @ MS70.  I have more bought but not delivered yet. They are the 1991-S, Mount Rushmore and the 1989-S, Congress Bicentennial both graded at 70. I have one more and it is the 2008-S Bald Eagle also graded at 70! 

I'll keep buying the perfect coins for less than a 100$ each for as long as I can.

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I am still at it, looking for great deals on half dollar commems. I see a few I still need that are less than a 100$. The next ones on my radar are both of the "Boys Towns." Then I'm thinking about "The First Flight" half dollar proof. 

I find buying the 70's a good substitution for buying early commems of which I only have 6 more to buy. However these 6 are price prohibitive at this time.

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