A hunting I will go (Part II)



All I want is some Peace...

All I want is some Peace Dollars and some Morgans. I have just returned from a 6 week 8000+ mile tour of most of the eastern states, including upper Michigan looking for treasure. I found a few things, but nothing on my list.


Six raw Morgan and two Peace Dollars which will, for sure bring more than I invested and one is a 1921 S.


I am seeing more and more shops buying gold and silver, but not selling it. The metals keep falling and falling and those windows keep buying and buying.


I am always going off quests. Like a child with a new whim or purpose. A while back, you may remember, I was questing after Indians. I wound up gathering quite a war party with four sets of the 1908 - 1929 versions, and in looking to finish those wound up with a few keepers.


You may notice, my registry position has dropped considerably as my quests have taken me over roads less travelled. To rare places such as my 1907 $2.5 Liberty Head PF68*.


Well, I unearthed another under the World Trade Center as I passed through New York on my trip.


Subject of my next journal as I am still researching it.


I am finding coins in the oddest places, and next foray out into the wilderness will, I believe, be after some Confederate currency. I think I know just where to look.


Also, another of my quests is for Roman Numeral Gold Eagles. I have been able to piece together only one full set and some common date and denominations. So, if any of you have any you wish to trade or sell, look through my stuff and note me.


I was able to find several sets if Roman Numeral Eagles, but not one MS 70.


Watch for my next journal about the find at Ground Zero.


Capt. Brian


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