A hunting I will go...



Came back with two small trophies.

One is an 1885 S $5 MS60 and the other is a coin I did not know existed. An Oregon Quarter. 1933 D MS 64 I got these while foraging throughout the Palm Beach County nooks and crannies.

Along with these two graded coins, which by the way are up for adoption, I also purchased in the box of scrap metal a 1904 $20 Liberty head, which I feel should grade out about MS 62, but if I get an AU 58, I will be estatic. Along with that I got an Indian. I just traded away 3 complete sets, one left. I got a 1911 which I grade at MS63 or better. I will be happy with anything in the MS range. It really is a stunning coin, but I do not want to get my hopes up.

Got one oz. of silver in a bar form, and Ag has already gone up a tad, and that helps for breaking even. Makes a fine addition to the table. Folks always want to buy bars of silver.

I got five Morgan dollars, common dates, but one, the 1894 O could be interesting. HAS to be a VF+, no way is it a VG8, so there is hope above melt value.

The other four I am afraid are common dates and definately in the fine grade area. But common. I will save for tables for someone to get a great find at a low price. An 1896, a 96 O, an 89, and a 91. All in nice shape, but no rare ones. Again, the 1896 O has about a $3 premium, so no grading there. I call them Table Stakes.

Now some more oldies but goldies: 1899 1901 1902 and 1903 Russian Tsar Nicholas II Five Roubles Gold coins. These are all pristine, raw, and beautiful. For the last year of so, old Russian coins have been flying off my tables, and as I said before, I traded away all my graded foreign gold, for keepers, and now I am back to these four. I will keep these for coin shows as the Russians always invade a coin show.

I also have another Morgan, but it is encased in a postal commemorative. I cannot find a price on the combo. But I will figure it out. It is an 1889 P Morgan, in a case with cache a commemorative banking stamp. The coin by itself is rater generic but it is in wonderful shape BU for starters. I bet it could go into the low MS60 grades.

Then there are various uncirculated sets like the US Bicentennial three coin set uncirculated. The US Constitution Silver coin, with all boxes and papers. 1986 Liberty Silver commemorative with all the boxes and papers, I love the velvet boxes. Now there is a real special commemorative, the Korean War medal with all the stuff.

Got three silver proof eagles in the mint boxes 1991, 1992, and 1993. Nice, will look at values and see if I want to have any graded.

Also, a bunch of Korean raw coins, both modern and old. This will take some investigation to see if there is an acorn there. Even a blind pig can find an acorn sometimes.

Well this has been a fun day going through all these coins. Now on to the Hockey game. Getting quite active here in the last stages.

Well,happy hunting. If you are looking for a particular coin, I will add it to my watch list as I travel around.


Capt. Brian


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