New adoptee came today.. 1877 S MS61 $10



This one will sit in my "Battleship Row"

Today, the postman did not have to ring twice. As the clock rolled over and over today, and 4 PM passed, and I had gotten my notice from UPS that it was on its way, I was getting concerned and walked outside looking for the UPS truck.

No sooner than I opened the door, the driver was walking up the driveway with my treasure.

I have been trading up for some months now, and I came across this coin and with quite a bit of palaver back and forth, I made a trade. Away went some real heros of my pride. The 1829 Liberty Capped Head in AU55 that I inherited, an 1870 $2.5 Coronet Liberty in MS61, a 1915 S Indian Head Panama Pacific MS64 which I just found at a coin show last January. And some other lesser grades. My coin count is dropping like a rock. But the quality is improving somewhat.

I also sent the fellow some more coins so he could help me find more of this sort of thing.

This one, the 1877 S $10, is the highest grade, two in grade and none higher.

So, with that now in the book, I shall see what else we can find.

Boy, these coins are quite hard to stop. Its like eating peanuts, one just does not do it.

Happy Collecting.


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