My Daughter Is Getting Married.



Time to sell a few coins!

Weddings are expensive propositions, and the father of the bride gets to foot the majority of the bill. It's time to clean up the sets a bit anyway, so this has given me a little added incentive.

I created a custom set titled "On the Auction Block" (coins.www.collectors-society.com/wcm/CoinCustomSetView.aspx?s=15005) for the certified coins I'm willing to part with. Please PM me or send an email to coin928(at)live(dot)com if you see something you're interested in. Just replace the (at) and (dot) with the appropriate symbols first :)

I'm going to post this on the message boards too as soon as I figure out how. PM me on that topic too if you have suggestions.

As you might imagine, most are US/Philippine coins, but there are a few others too. One of which is the nice 1863 Indian Head Copper-Nickel Cent pictured below.

Happy hunting.


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