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The 1951 Denver Jefferson:
( You can also view all this in Ngc Registry)
This year was no different, like most 50's & 60's minted Jeffersons.  When collectors out there were looking for
quality' they had their work cut-out for them.  When the US Mint back in that time-era  pumped out
millions of these,officials never took the time to inspect them.The very few that does show half decent quality
will most certainly cost you some money obtaining them.
As of 2011:
After referencing, I've noticed with the Top 2 Grading Services in our country, (NGC and PCGS),  there
was a Combining Total of  (1,178) that was Certified, with only (55) that reached the MS-67 Level.
August 2017 Update:
In just 6 years-  NGC Total Graded 738  where now (77) have graded MS-67 
PCGS Total Graded 1,523 where only (13) are at the MS67 Level.   / Its pretty obvious that Pcgs shows more value
than Ngc on this date. I think most collectors are standing back and see how Ngc handles all this- hopefully for
the better.

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The 1939-P Jefferson (Type 1) Reverse of 1938 in MS67

The Philadelphia mint generated a whopping 120 million nickels in 1939 but only about 10% of them were with the reverse of 1938. The 1939-P Jefferson had such a huge mintage where it clearly reflects that both the obverse and reverse master hubs were revised from the 1938 coinage,the obverse at the beginning of 1939 and the reverse a little later.Searching for 1939-P Rev of 38 nickels are relatively scarce across allgrades,heavily worn pieces are mostly indistinguishable as to their reverse subtype, full steps are extremely rare. ------------------------------------------------------------ Jaime Hernandez: In 1939, the Mint struck 1939 Jefferson nickels with two different reverse designs.The first design isreferred to as a Reverse of 1938. The second design is referred to as a Rev of 1940. The transition took place due to minor flaws on the reverse design. The original design had weak and curved step details on the Monticello building located on the reverse design of the coin. The easiestplace to notice the curving on the steps is on the center below the last step on the Monticello, where it curves significantly compared to the new design. Therefore, on the new design or the 1939 Reverse of 1940 the design displays sharper details and straighter set steps on the Monticello building on the reverse of the coin. The 1939 Jefferson nickel with a Reverse of 1938 must have been produced for a very short period of time, since it is scarcer of the two different reverse varieties. It is important to consider that distribution of which reverses were used by each mint vary greatly.Philadelphia mint generated a whopping 120 million nickels in 1939 where only about 10% were with the reverse of 1938. To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

1939-S Jefferson Reverse of 1940 in MS-67

The Reverse of 1940 just doesnt measure up in quality like the Reverse of 1938 from the San Francisco Mint. Most in this type the dies were worn and just didnt show eye appeal that well. It has been quite sometime since my last post but I had to show this beautiful coin. This was haunting me for years trying to find one in this grade. When I came across this 1939-S Reverse of 40 in MS-67 grade I had to take that second look. Why this particular coin is special to me is because of the rare quality condition and luster it shows.   B. Nagengast These coins are not as nice as the reverse of 1938 most often seen with an off-luster with worn dies and weak strikes. Gem coins are quite rare. Ron Guth As a date, the 1939-S is attractive because of its low mintage. The Reverse of 1940 is even more attractive because, compared to the Reverse of 1938, the former is almost ten times as rare as the latter. The typical grade for this variety is MS65, and the finest example certified by PCGS is a single MS67. As of Sept 2016 PCGS POP Total Certified 221 / MS-67 (1) NGC POP Total Certified 94 / (4) in MS-67 with (1) MS67-FS! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

The 1956 Denver Fullstep Jefferson

It took me years searching for this fullstep nickel. Like most Jefferson nickels in the 1950s finding one with complete fullsteps is very challenging,regardless of grade.My MS67 is a beauty in itself finding one in MS-66FS is the ultimate for me. In reference to David Bowers he mentioned that throughout the annals of the five cent piece,the Denver Mint has earned the lowest marks for quality of its coins.Finding any that show full details will be very challenging to find. I believe the Red Book of Buffalo and Jefferson nickels by Q.David Bowers would be an exceptional starting point for beginning collectors in which I have read many times over. Collecting in this series has been a wonderful journey for me and I hope new collectors starting out will also enjoy it as much as I have. AS OF AUG 2015 NGC TOTAL GRADED 449 with (6) where (5) in MS66-FS - none higher in FS . PCGS TOTAL GRADED 854 with (39) where (8) in MS66-FS - none higher in FS . To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

1952 San Francisco Fullstep Nickel

I came across an wanted to show you this 1952-S Jefferson w/steps. There I go the bug is still alive in me and doing fine.I knew this 1952-S Jefferson was a semi-key,due to the fact thatmost were so weakly struck in the center explaining why fullstepsare so elusive and hard to find in the first place.Searching for any in MS66-FS,the premium would be extremely spendy. Ebay has two sellers wanting 6 to 8 K in MS66-FS. I am settling for this on it was alot easier on the pocketbook and it looks just as good.If you do happen to come across one no doubt its value will climbwith it. Good Luck to those in search for one. The following shows you just how scarce these fullsteps are.As of April 2015NGC AND PCGS COMBINED NGC 582/FS 17 PCGS 959/FS 95To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

The Overlooked 1950-Philadelphia Nickel

The Mintage in this year was low, and finding any with a nice strike with five fullsteps are very scarce. There has not been any six fullsteps found to date. Having just recently pulled out my raw Jeff-collection I wanted to see if any of these nickels were going to qualify for Ngc strict grading methods, especially in the fullstep area. Sending in(5)coins a couple weeks ago,I have recieved these back and I wanted to share this one particular Jefferson nickel to you. The 1950-P was the best of the lot, grading out at MS66+FS. Most collectors were focused at that time on the 1950-Denver seeing as how it was the lowest mintaged Jefferson in the series. They were overlooking the 1950-Phildelphia altogether. For years it was ignored until collectors started taking that second look at this mintdate as it was far more elusive than the Denver Jefferson. High mintstate coins with smooth fields on both sides of the coin is difficult enough,searching out what few may exist in fullstep is very challenging. As of Feb 2014 , The top two grading services together only (153) made fullstep with(37)in this grade, with only (6) coins higher. ---------------------------------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

1968-S JEFFERSON, MS64-FS Business Strike

* Full Step Rarity * If you know this date you will understand the importance of a full step coin for the 1968-S Jefferson nickel.In this year they are super scarce in any grade with fullsteps and is considered rare among the rare. With this coin showing stunningly clean steps it is not far from being the first 6 step coin for this date and mint. It was much easier on my pocketbook purchasing it at this grade for the value on these skyrockets as the grade gets higher. Currently on Ebay a seller is asking close to $3,000.00 for one thru Ngc in MS66-FS. As of Jan 2014 With Ngc and Pcgs combined total, there was only (21) encapsulated/certified in all mintstate grades. -------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

I wanted to say Congratulations to this years 2013 Registry winners.

Each winning member has a unique way of expressing themselves about their collection. These members seized the opportunity to showcase their talents within the Ngc Registry, and I am certain each one deserved their award. Ngc has grown significantly over the years where these awards honor each member who has provided a truly outstanding collection.Its getting better each year. I enjoy viewing/reading these,for each member has a unique way of expressing themselves in their collection. I hope each winning member enjoys their award you certainly earned it! To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

The 1952 P Jefferson Nickel

Finding another like this may never happen to me again. The designer Betsy Ross, presenting our new flag to George Washington,from a painting by Charles Weisberger. On January 1,1952 the U.S.Post Office issued a stamp to honor and being the 200th anni- versary of our flag as well.I have a photo in my listings for your enjoyment. From the Buffalo and the Jefferson Red Book David Bowers commented that trying to find any that show sharp details will definitely take alot searching. In this decade particularly the early part of the 1950s, the U.S. Mint could really care less how our nickels turned out.Most of these this year were poor quality and were roughly struck. When I came across this nickel showing a rare gem condition it really caught my eye,I simply couldnt pass this up. Trying to find another like this with beautiful luster and a definite eye appeal may never happen to me again.   Currently Oct 2013: Only 17 Total in a MS67 that was Graded thru NGC. PCGS Only 1 at this Grade Level. No fullsteps at this level in either grading service yet. --------------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

The Elusive 1955 Jefferson in Quality Condition-

I had to go back and check this coin again, thinking that perhaps my eyes were playing tricks with me,but there it was! This Jefferson caught my eye,a very nice find! In 1955 most all Philadelphia minted Jeffersons were poorly made,showing alot of nicks and roughness. This coin is a condition rarity in MS66 and above. Having spent a great deal of time trying to locate one with nice fullsteps with no success, I decided it would be best searching these that show rare eye appeal,for 1955 Phillies I believe these are truly limited,this will make a great coin for my collection.Finally my last coin is filled, however will keep on updating this collection periodically.   Remember when searching out any for your collection,the 1955 Philly demands a good eye and a bit of luck to spot,especially showing smooth fields on both sides of the coin. The ultimate of course is finding a brilliant white Jefferson with those elusive strong full-steps. Im still looking!   ----------------------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

The 1938 San Francisco Jefferson 5c piece

Early minted San Francisco nickel with those Elusive Fullsteps The 1938-San Francisco nickel with those elusive fullsteps! Of all the three mints' it was the San Francisco mint that had the lowest population in this year along with a very weak step area to go with it. Trying to find nice gems like this one has always been tough on collectors. I was surprized when referencing this coin' that another former member, Hoot! also had this coin. He won two awards in the best presented category back in 2003' & 2004' .The (certification numbers) matched- up' was an eye opener.He wrote quite an article about this coin. Hoot's description of this coin,is on the reverse photo' for your enjoyment as well. Viewing these photos you'll notice very clean fields with those awesome steps for this early type nickle.I had to grab this rarity because I believe this coin borders from actually being a MS-66 with- in a hair of (6) steps to boot! The scratch you see on the reverse of this coin above the dome is on the holder, not on the coin. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


In 2005 a 'Speared Bison' Denver Nickel Found in Texas! This created quite a craze back then. This is not considered a variety at all, but it is a great die gouge of modern find. Pcgs calls it a Speared Bison, where Ngc only recognized this as a die gouge, nonetheless- It is still important enough and worthy of attention in the Jefferson Series. How many may still be out there in rolls? Future Price Values? Will this Die-flawed Bison still grab the attention of new collectors starting their collection? I am sure this has been on the mind of many collectors. As with all US Coinage, only time will tell. I am content with this one, its a low mintstate, but still shows the spear and I got it at a reasonable cost. The photos are here for your enjoyment... -------------------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


B. Nagengast: True Gem full-strikes in this year are getting more difficult to find than the 1946-S-1948-S and 1949-S. The San Francisco Mint in 1947 produced almost 25 million nickels where the appearance of most coins showed a dull greyish look to them. Sifting thru nickel-rolls can become frustrating at times,however with determined effort your excitement intensifies having finally found one for your collection. This Jefferson nickel came from my raw-nickel collection,and decided to send it in for grading a few weeks ago.Viewing this in its new Ngc holder- This coin simply rocks! It makes it all worthwhile and self-rewarding when finally finding one, thats difficult to locate in this condition.This postwar beauty demands attention showing remarkable luster on both-sides of the coin. -------------------------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

The 1964 Denver Jefferson nickel

During the 75 year run in the Jefferson Series so far- Less than (10) coins were certified in the Top (2) Grading Services in this grade with fullsteps and higher! I find it very hard to fathom how the US Mint could pump-out 1,787,297,160 of these denver nickels for circulation leaving extremely low mintstate examples to show for it. I feel very fortunate able to obtain one of these. It is quite obvious the officials in charge of our countrys coinage was not showing concern or interest in saving high grade coins. According to reference things gradually improved,where today after several adjustments to Felix Schlags design, the overall appearance shows remarkable high quality and beauty. I believe this would be a opportun-time for young collectors starting out. Theres many rolls left right now just waiting to be cherry-picked. In the years ahead dont be surprized to see this series explode with collector interest,due primarily being very diversified and able to collect in different categories. A well known expert in the field,Jaime Hernandez-mentioned a few years back with this high mintage,there are probably many left to be found in rolls yet. Will you be the next collector in finding one ? ------------------------------------------ To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


This Jefferson Variety Nickel is the only Large S at this grade level in the NGC Jeff-Registry. Here is a Jefferson Variety that is becoming very popular due to its limited supply in higher grades.   A Well known Author Bernard Nagengast mentioned in the Jeff-Nickel Analyst that 10 dies were made to create the 1941-S Jefferson nickel. From all those dies only 1 was a mistakenly struck mintmark that brought about this incredible variety.When in search for these,always remember to loupe-in and look for the Trianglar Serif,to verify it.This is one coin that definitely belongs in my collection.   Both sides of this coin, the fields are clean an clear of any distractions. This is one fantastic find of a rare variety piece. On this date Jan 2013, only (3) are certified at NGC at MS-67. Pcgs (0) at this level. ------------------------------------------------ To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

Thank You, NGC

I just seen and wanted to let you know. I just seen and wanted to let you know that I appreciated the recognition that you gave me for this award. I also want to extend my congratulations to all the award-winners this year! I am in hope that I will find the best examples to complete this Jefferson collection. I wish Ngc and all the members here the very best this new year. Jim Berline To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

Happy New Year and Great News to all at NGC

I called NGC about the Obscured Sets in our Registry I called NGC early this morning on something thats been frustrating me for quite sometime. I have always felt Ngc would like to see all their members share and view each others coins, wherein return everyone being equal an getting all the benefits this great company has to offer. NGC,just emailed me back a few minutes ago mentioning that they couldnt promise a obscured set would never be selected, but did says starting this year (2013) the Judges would lean toward/and favor the Public viewed sets first.This is something that has been on the minds of many,an now can be rest assured Ngc will follow through with their words. This is a great start for the New Year! Thank you Ngc! Definition of Obsured: Not clearly seen or easily distinguished. Not readily understood or clearly expressed; also being mysterious. Question: Why would anyone have their Registry collection obscured? What if everyone in the Registry obscured their sets? In my opinion these collectors who do that,are losing more than their gaining. I realize all members have a right to hide their coins from other members on Ngc. However, if thats their choosing- I believe they shouldnt be allowed to participate when it comes time for the Awards Program at the end of each year. Im curious to what other members feel, and to give their thoughts on it. I am proud of what coins I own and have accomplished and will proudly display these coins for everyone here at Ngc to view. Wishing everyone here the Best! Jim Berline To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

1951 (P)hiladelphia MS-66 with Fullsteps!

This piece is simply one of the Best when it comes to Jefferson Nickels with fullsteps. The NGC service has graded no 1951 Jefferson Nickels higher than this coin. It is one of 16 coins that have achieved the MS66FS grade out of over 28 million minted! Quite a coin! PCGS Price Guide Value: $2,350Here is one Tough-Date that is not only hard to acquire in a quality strike, but also elusive to find with fullsteps.Ngcis considered the most strict of the Top 2 grading serviceswhen it comes to grading the fullstep area. Ngc has certified 16 whereas for the Pcgs grading service has 14 that made it in this high grade. Checkout both sides of this rarity it looks great in eye appeal with quality fields plus full-steps to boot!Ben Nagengast: It is not known when the first specialist believed a high grade fullstep coin would be given a passport and to be added to a collection.In the early 1950s a well known New York collector Warren Snow found interest in searching out steps on the nickel,where members of a coin club he attended found also their amusement to it,calling it just a waste of time. I can understand club-members thoughts back then, because the 1950s and 1960s were really the worst two decades of the entire Jefferson series. Trying to search out and find quality strike also showing clean fullsteps to go with it. Now that my friend is a real challenge. Oh and dont forget,to stop by your local drug store, youll need to pick up some energy pills orno-doze looking for these elusive pieces.Jims Jefferson Collection/1938 to date circulated issues---------------------------------------------------To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


I wanted to put in one of my journals again to let starting/ beginning collectors realize by checking around in Antique Stores,yard and estate sales you may find the coin you have been searching for in your collection. Head to the Beach,look where people have Lunch along the viewpoints there. Check out the old parks in your city or town. Old school playgrounds is a great place to use a metal detector also. Get out and take a hike in the forests on those wilderness trails,keep an eye open for old cabins,mining sites or shacks. Townsites that have been long forgotten might be another idea. Check out those old cars,the seat cushions front and especially the back, . Theres no guarantee of finding anything,let your mind wander abit,Imagine coming upon a partially torndown shack you notice a small loose section of a wall,when removing it spotting a stash of old coins there. Things like this does happen to determined searchers before. I am hoping this will inspire younger coin collectors of what lost coins that may still be waiting to be found. The following story is an example at being there at the right time, I got lucky. ---------------------------------------------------- I picked a good day Window Shopping. With each coin I held, looked fresh out of the mint. ...... Last month, I decided to get out of the house an told my wife, I wanted to go downtown and do some window shopping. Well,I went into a Antique Store to see if they had any coins or Jefferson nickels in there. I was looking at a display case of WW II Jeff/Nickels when the owner just happened to come by and wanted to know if there was anything he could do to help me.I mentioned that I collected Jefferson nickels and just stopped in to see if there were any here. The Owner grinned and said he had a story to tell me. He said, he went to an Estate Sale recently an bought a Large-Trunk that was sealed. It had been in someones attic for quite sometime from the looks of it. He said he haggeled,an eventually won this Trunk. When he got home he broke the lock on it and was pulling stuff out and noticed that someone was a fisherman in the family with a fishing Tackle Box in there. He just set that aside, an kept looking at other stuff. Well, a couple days went by and he kept seeing this Tackle box,so decided to see what fishing lures this person had collected, opening it,and going thru all the lures and fishing weights/hooks he noticed at the very bottom of the Tackle box was this old dark brown paper roll. Opening it a few Choice-BU/Shiny nickels dropped in his hand as they were almost a complete roll of 1939-P Jefferson nickels. The owner said didnt know anything about coins,he called a coin dealer here in town to get an idea of just how much these might be worth. He told the dealer they were flashy an shiny looking. The Dealer told him that without looking at them in hand, it would be hard to put a price value on it,to come down when you have time.Owner mentioned being busy,he never got around to it. Well, I had to see these! I asked if he would hold these for me, because I had to go home and get my Loupe. Arriving back to his Store, I shook-out a few from the roll to examine, and (3) had awesome full-steps in just those! The owner said, I will let you have this whole roll for $200 Cash! I mentioned that was more than I wanted to spend. The owner had a vacation coming up an would be out of town for a month to check with him when he got back. So I got his Card and phone number before I left. Over a month later,I came across his card and I gave him call just to see if he still had this Jefferson roll. He replied-Sure Do! I told him I had $100 that I could only offer for it! The owner said,Well- come on down to the store then, it would be here waiting for me. Here is a Photo of this Original-Roll I wanted to show you, almost every nickel sure looks Gem-Bu-Jeffs to me. This Window-Shopping is Really Alot of Fun! Good-Day, Jim/ jb4gpo   ===========================================================

1939 San Francisco (Reverse of 40) Jefferson In Fullsteps!

This scarce nickel shows a Mirror-Like look to it! These 1939-D and 1939-S Reverses are very tough to find with nice full steps.I almost gave up that any were still out there. These coins look just as nice as the 1938 minted coins. However some are seen with an offluster with a weak strike. Finding a nice quality strike like this are rare, and when you add-in the fact it being a Full-Step,gets even Rarer yet! The Light "Kinda Bounces-back" from the reverse side. A Quality Pure Gem Nickel. Also,the more I study it, this coin may just Qualify for an' Up-Grade to MS66-FS. -----------------------------------------------------


There are many ways to collect in this Jefferson Series. It was the Official Red Book where I found one of Americas Greatest designer/sculptor,Felix Oscar Schlag. What brought my attention collecting Jefferson nickels was his life history. Felix had a relentess determination which ended up his winning his design for our country.Ive found that this Jefferson Series was so diverse in so many ways,I wanted to get a Little of Everything, for my collection.   From Quality Mintstate,Variety,Proofs,ProofLikes,FullSteps, Silver Wartime-Era/ Rpm an Errors, but also disecting this Series to find and obtain the most difficult dates to at least half the steps showing on the monticello. Ive realized some of these dates are next to impossible to find, let alone try to purchase one in a five fullstep nickel.     Upon my Retirement back in 2008 Contemplating/Wondering if it was to late for me trying to grab a spot in the Top 10 1938 to date/Circulated Issue Catagory in the Ngc Registy. This Jefferson Collection is special to me, a little different than what most collectors have in their Registry. With some of the dates my coins wont have the Registry Points or hardly any Numisvalue at all. If you take a look at my Jefferson collection you will understand why I chose this path in this series. Dont let the no prices over half of my coins fool you, most in this collection have low mintage and very hard to find coins. Just being able to reach this goal even briefly, Ive felt that I achieved something that is most enjoyable and rewarding in assembling this High Quality set of Various Different Types of Jeffersons.   So Yes! Anybody,who wants a real challenge - This is it!

2004-P Handshake/Peace Jefferson Nickel

The Jefferson Handshake! Thomas Jefferson probably didn't realize it at the time that signing/purchasing the Lousiana agreement with France was one of the largest land deals in history. Amazing was the fact' was how he got this much land for so little cost. Nevertheless'(swinging this' land agreement) was Jeffersons greatest achievement while in office. Our United States of America almost doubled in its size. The books I've read about this Great Statesman, he was so talented and gifted with his new ideas on how to make a better nation for all Americans. Here is a beautiful design made by Norman Nemeth a sculptor, he engraved this coin representing peace and friendship from our government to our native americans. ----------------------------------------------------------


Its as Rare or possibly Rarer, than the 1939-Denver! Finding this 1939-S Jefferson Graded-MS67 By NGC,took me by Surprize! I realized I just found a very scarce Jefferson Reverse that was always considered/expensive issue,right-along with its sibling, the Reverse of 1940. Not many of these Exist or Certified in this MS67 Grade. Where with Both Grading-Services, PCGS And NGC Together-Less than 25 are in this Grade,as of July 2011. The Reverse of 38s are Beautiful Nickles, but then finding one of these have been very elusive also. Between the two Reverses thou-,It is the 1940 MS67 Reverse thats really tough to find showing a clean-quality strike, I will definitely have my work cut-out for me,finding one of those! My Goal would be to find one with six fullsteps! Mr.Nagengast mentioned in his book that back in the early 1980s an 1939-S Jeff with 6 full-steps blew everyone away Selling for an astounding $2,640 dollars at a coin show on the east coast. When I read articles like this,it just gives me another reason of collecting in this Series. -------------------------------------------------


Let's not get this Confused,,, To some of you younger collectors' out there, I'm not Referring' to the "All Terrain Vehicle, also known as the "QUAD" four wheeler!(Not,that Felix wouldn't have had fun, but'thats another story) > Lets get back to our Rare Variety Nickel! There actually is a 1939 Quad Reverse Jefferson,which is similar to the 1939-(DDR) Jeff- Variety, An'yes, the (DDR) still more holds more popular/demand than this (QDR),however' I really think this Die #2 (QDR)is much Rarer', in the Grade MS67, Much, Much, Rarer! - Currently,(07/2011) NGC' Certified only (5) in this grade of Mint-State 67'. PCGS hasn't Certified any this High in Grade yet! I believe Felix's, 1939 Quad-67 is really a Rare Bird!   If you ever get the chance to look really close at one of these, the first thing you'll notice is the "Quadrupled Lettering on the Rev-Side/ The die had been hubbed at least (4)times!..Then, there's that funny Egg-Shaped>>>Looking "O" in the Monticello. Imo' this rare variety will eventually get more collector interest, when realized', there's just not too many of these lil' puppies out there! In time, I'll be adding this to my Ngc- Registry/ 1938 to Date Circulation Issues/ Your always welcome to stop by an-Visit/Read my Bio/Journals,while seeing my collection. Good Day, Jim/ jb4gpo


These Low pop Jefferson varieties deserve recognition. There were no San Francisco minted coins that were produced in 1955, apparently thou, there were some Mintmark Dies that the Top Officials at the Mint did not want to scrap-out. So they sent all these Dies to the Denver Mint,stamping again.But this time with the Denver Die,creating alot of confusion to go with it. There were at least (10) Different-Dies identified,however only (1) Die stood-out among all, it being the most prominent D/S variety,this was Labeled as the FS-501 Jefferson. They had to make (2) separate tables showing the populations of all these Variety Types. The 2nd Table of Varities are of lesser defined dies,there were quite a few of them. This was a great find for me being fortunate enough to own one of these 1955 Variety FS-501 Overmintmarked Nickels. After checking the Ngc Image Gallery,I have the only(FS-501)Var-type here at Ngc at MS65,the others on there,are not the FS-501,but lesser defined type 2 varieties. The Top-2 Grading Services only graded/certified a Total of (5) in MS65 Grade where (0) are graded any higher than that,no fullsteps yet either.I have more description/photos in my NGC Registry for your enjoyment as well. --------------------------------------- To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.

1945-San Francisco Jefferson Proof-like War Nickel

ONLY (10) CERTIFIED DURING THE WAR YEARS FROM 1942-1945 These early dated Prooflike Jeffs were very limited,and only certified thru Ngc in a Proof-Like Grade.Pcgs never Certified any. NGC has only one in this grade/yr. There was just a tiny handful (10) total, that were certified during World War Two, from the years 1942-1945 . PS: Heres a stunning photo of this coin that resides in my NGC Custom-Set Collection.   Jim/jb4gpo/ To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.