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I'm back ---- I think????

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Six Mile Rick

Hi Friends,

 I have accomplished quite a nice little set of Jefferson nickels over the past few years. I am not one to run around looking for nickels but have been fortunate to get plenty offered as trades over the past few years. This January I was offered around 5 nickels in a value trade of $1000+. Adding those few more just step the set up even more. I enjoy interacting with others sets and helping them get to their goals on their collection. Here are a few of the new members of the Jefferson Steps.

 Fun traders!!

2542868_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 2542868_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

2413296_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 2413296_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

3093034_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 3093034_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

3092582_DetailsThumb_Obv.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM 3092582_DetailsThumb_Rev.jpg?t=Mi8zLzIwM

I will take a little extra time later on to get better pics showing the steps.


Six Mile Rick

I have been looking the past week and thinking of maybe submitting a few coins. It actually took a while --- like 40 clicks just to shout out here. Obviously everything is not ready yet for direct connecting with this site format. I have seen a few world collectors that have managed to adhere to the new format. Just wondering if there are any U.S. collectors still hanging around before I renew my membership ???


Thanks ----- Rick 


Six Mile Rick

Well --- Dena has deleted my Rick's Keepers member page and added everything to my Six Mile Rick member page. Still I am Rick's Keepers in chat log in.  What a STRUGGLE!!

Six Mile Rick