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Time to simply eliminate the phony "Struck At" Labels...

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They killed the Collectors Society.

I have been a member here for about ten years or so.  I can remember when I first discovered the Collectors Society, it was great.  I had a growing collection and could list all my coins in one place.  There was (and still is) a really good inventory report which I used yearly with each set to check progress and changing values.  Then, someone got the idea to ban PCGS, first from the world coins, then everything.  If you had them already documented here, they could stay.  Needless to say, this r

JRs Coins

JRs Coins


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Time to eliminate the phony "Struck At" labels.

Mint issues statement on “erroneous” branch-mint information on ASE coins May 26, 2017 By Mint News Blog Now even the mint admits it does not know where they think they minted the silver eagles.  It's about time for the TPGs to simply label the coin in front of them.  If there is no mint mark, leave it at that, don't suggest  or imply one.  It is pretty costly to attempt to complete a set as it is without phony labeled coins to add to the mix.  

JRs Coins

JRs Coins


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