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All bullion coins are minted at West Point, NY.  The S mint mark is a scam to make people think they are getting something special, at double, or triple the going price of a real Silver Eagle. In effect, the "S" coin is a phony, and doesn't have a place in the Registry. "Minted at" coins fall into the same category. The label can say anything they want.....even the Sheboygan Mint!

NGC removed the other coins, this one has to go also.

I too laid out hundreds of dollars only to have them erased, such  as the "2000 Millennium" ASE. Another gem that we "had" to have.  They won't pay   those coins we now have to eat.


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Intercept Shield Storage

Double protection Intercept Shield boxes are perfect for 10 coin Sacagawea sets. I have finally taken all of my, 10 coin, Sacagawea NGC PF 69 sets and put them into their own Intercept Shield double protection storage boxes. These provide the ultimate protection for the ULTIMATE 10 coin set!




I had to settle for only 9 coins. I recently decided to add a set of PCGS graded Sacagawea golden dollars to my collection. PCGS has only 9 coins to a set. I am in the process of building a PR69DCAM SET. I only need the 2002 and 2007. Unlike NGC with the "First Year Of Issue", green label, pedigree, this set is easier to complete, and a little cheaper.



Statehood Quarter Set

What does the "W" mean? I just got a 2000 S Clad Maryland quarter in NGC PF 69 W Ultra Cameo. I have another Maryland in NGC PF 69, but it doesn't have a "W". Is one better than the other? Does the "W" get a higher rating? I am new to all this, but I guess I should kbnow about this? Anyone? Thanks



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