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World Coin News 12 issues $25.99, Coin World - Weekly News Resourse 52 issues $69.99, Coin World 12 issues $24.99.  Three publications.  I am wondering which is the better of the three to subscribe to.  They all have strengths from what I can get from the few reviews listed for them on Amazon.  As well as some grips for issues delivered on time or at all.  I currently subscribe to Numismatic News for many years and issues delivered is always a problem I think because they are sent via dead last shipping.  I however hate online subscriptions, because after a day on the computer, the last thing I want to do when I sit in my favorite chair in the evening to relax is grab the tablet to read a magazine.  Nothing is better than picking up an actual piece of journalism during a commercial when watching the tube and reading an article.  I can put it down and pick it up again at the next commercial.  Any who, thoughts on the three publications would be appreciated.  As always, thanks.  PS  Anyone have the PF and MS70 of the Boys Town in brown label for sale?

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2011 25th Anniv. set

Cannot enter I just received my Anniversary sets certified by NGC. I cannot however enter my PF70/MS70 coins in My Collection. I have no trouble at all for the 69s. Entered the #s numerous times, but no go. Of course NGC is closed for the holiday and to late to call who I got them from. Any suggestions folks? To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


key aquirement Hello fellow NGCer's. Call me lucky or maybe I was due for something good to happen. I got confirmation on a ms69/pf69 25th anniv. ngc certified set, and at a shockingly good price. But that's not all, they through in a ms70/pf70 set as well but at regular price. This will help tremendously toward my goal of achieving a complete set of ms69 and ms70 holders with the different labels. I know many of you scoff at me for this, but 10 or 15 yrs from now maybe my handing this do


25th Anniversary sets Has anyone been following the turmoil on Ebay with the 25th sets? It's remarkable. How about one company who put up a full ms69 and ms70 set, when lots of people signed up to be notified when they were going on sale. This is what I have heard anyway. What do you all think? I suppose most don't give a rats a__ about it. Thanks for listening To see old comments for this Journal entry, click here. New comments can be added below.


last ones? Well I have added five holders to my ms69 and ms70 collection. And yes for my beloved critic, whom I am sure will make a remark, I stated which one is my favorite label. Being a disabled veteran, I sincerely love my flag and everything about it, so comment away my good and spirited one. I also think that this is probably that last aditions I have, unless I am lucky enough to get a 25th anniversary holder from the 5 coin set. It looks like the scalpers have the market, but maybe


Confused to say the least Just when I thought I was within sight of accomplishing my goal of collecting a complete set of 2011 Silver Eagle holders with different labels and different eagles in ms70, I find out that the Mint is issuing 3 labels for coins from the 5 coins anniversary set. This means if I understand it right and the kind lady at NGC explains it there are three coins, the "W" "S" and "bullion" coin to get the pedigreed label. Thats fine, except they can also come with the earl

Oh well

Appreciator of coins No I am not offended. When I can buy a NGC ms69 2011 silver eagle on a Monday and sell it for 2 1/2 times what I paid for it the next week to help fund my goal, that is not true collecting I guess. I look at my endeavor like when I was small and had all the blue trifold books to collect pennies nickels dimes etc, when you found one you were excited, no different here. Actually when I do finally accomplish my task and I have maybe 8 to 12 labels that are rare or hard to

Pics uploaded

Complete 2011 MS69 Silver Eagles label set? I have 13 different holder labels for th ms69 2011 silver eagle now collected. Will the burnished be allowed in this category? I hope so, cuz I am ready to upload them. Also if I have omitted a ms69 for the 2011 silver eagle let me know and I will definetly seek it out. Also check out the Struck at West Point Mint with the brown label. I cannot find a MS70 like it. Was told this is a "unique" label. What are your thoughts? Also cannot find th

Love this label

God bless America Just added another Silver Eagle MS70 to my custom collection. I thinks it is the nicest label of all the holders. Ok Ok I give. It is a 2011 SAE MS70 Struck at San Francisco Mint with the Flag Label. Actually it is a label everyone is probably familiar with. I am still waiting to get the three I was supposed to get over a month ago. Fustrating as it is I am thrilled to add this one, till they come out with another before the end of the year. I also will not stop until

Holder Labels

How many I collect holders that have different labels in them. This yr, 2011 Silver Eagles MS69 has 18 holders with different labels counting the Burnished that just shortly came out. Yes there are browns, flags, Early Releases, etc, but I consider each label as it pertains to a certain coin. So that is why I count the Burnished also, even tho it has the same five labels that were previously awarded, well almost. You see there are different mints that produced Eagles, different mint marks

Strung along

Taken advantage of. Well, I am still waiting for the 3 Silver Eagles I was promised over 3 weeks ago. Now I find out they never had them, even though the salesman said he "went in the back to physically check" that they were there. Well now they never had any. But they say they have 2 of the 3 coming, check back on Friday. This is what happens when you live in a rural ag state, small towns and no source for coins other than Ebay and the internet. You get strung along and along and along.


New HOPE HAS RISEN. Found a distributer today who said they would do everything possible to find my wanted coins, and with no money down. I see em before I buy em, can turn any or all down. No penalty, they said they would put them in their store and sell them anyway. Thanks for everybodies reply. And no it is not Ebay, been doing business there as a seller as well as a buyer for over a decade and no problem, except for two buyers who wouldn't pay and turned it over to Ebay. Needless to

just called 3 more coming.

Don't believe it I had been called to let me know that the 3 silver eagle holders I had been waiting for were on their way. I had even sent photos of the 3 I was in need of. Now this is a very reputable coin supplier, I guess you know the rest of the story. They came today and yep you are right, they all were WRONG!!!! What the H-E- double toothpicks does it take to get what you ordered, especially when you send them pics and they said they had them on hand? HELP!!!!!! I am bonkers over

Finally posted some pics.

Just got called and 3 more are coming. I enjoyed the replies I got on my first journal. I collect or enjoyment of getting something different. I know silver eagles are only worth what the particular day brings, but getting a complete set of different labels is a challenge and, fun. Yep, it's expensive sometimes, but I am getting older and it helps me pass my days. I guess it is like some who collect comic books, certain issues are rare, but to have an entire volumn is great. I hope you ca

2011 Silver Eagle MS70 complete set

Almost there Hi, my first entry. I am collecting MS70 2011 Eagles. I think I have a complete set as it stands now with what I can find out in the market. The hardest one was the Eagle BRN/Gold label, and the ALS non-early release. I will get them listed and pictures added as soon as I figure out how to do this stuff. I am a computer newbie also. As I figure there are 12 different MS70 Silver Eagle holders in NGC right now. I also have nearly all the PCGS 2011's. Someone help me out on