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World Coin News 12 issues $25.99, Coin World - Weekly News Resourse 52 issues $69.99, Coin World 12 issues $24.99.  Three publications.  I am wondering which is the better of the three to subscribe to.  They all have strengths from what I can get from the few reviews listed for them on Amazon.  As well as some grips for issues delivered on time or at all.  I currently subscribe to Numismatic News for many years and issues delivered is always a problem I think because they are sent via dead last shipping.  I however hate online subscriptions, because after a day on the computer, the last thing I want to do when I sit in my favorite chair in the evening to relax is grab the tablet to read a magazine.  Nothing is better than picking up an actual piece of journalism during a commercial when watching the tube and reading an article.  I can put it down and pick it up again at the next commercial.  Any who, thoughts on the three publications would be appreciated.  As always, thanks.  PS  Anyone have the PF and MS70 of the Boys Town in brown label for sale?

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I guess that sometime everyone gets the "dreaded" phone call in life.  Whether it is being notifyied of a family member death or failing health.  This time it is my turn.  Failing health and serious problem has made it's way to myself.  I am having to start selling and don't really know how to approach it.  I think there are members here that work for auction firms and people who sell online alot.  If anyone could contact me about advice or people to contact I would appreciate it.  If you are looking for something, let me know if I have it maybe we can work something out.  I won't make a firm decision on how to sell until I hear from alot of you, my friends and colleauges here at NGC.  It pains me to do this, but selling was not a choice I made lightly, rather it is a necessary thing.  Thanks to you all.

I must say CONGRATS to all the registry winners, way to go and best of luck to all of you in 2018.


Hello friends,  I am letting you all know I have changed my Public name.  It was Eagles-R-it, but now it is RMK-Collectibles.  I did this to better reflect my hobbies and buying habits.  I am kind of a accumulator of lots of things, not just Silver Eagles.  So all my friends here at NGC especially Rick, Brent, Keith, Glenn, Troy, and Dan I hope you continue to follow me as I will still follow you all and more.  By the way, where can I find the follow/following part since the change.  Anyway hope ALL members continue to enjoy my sets.  THANKS THANKS THANKS.  PS how do I add photos to this new format?


Two things on my top ten list is tour the US Mint, and attend a large coin show.  The Denver ANA show fit the criteria for a trip like this to get two of my top tens done.  We made reservations and purchased airfare tickets in early April.  The days went by and two days before our trip I decided to check the Mint website again for info on the tours.  To my shock all tours were cancelled during the week of the ANA show.  This was not the case when we decided on the trip.  Oh well disappointed but still going to a big show.

DAY 1: Wednesday.  Left home at 10AM for the 2 1/2 hr. drive to the airport 110 miles give or take.  Got to the airport and just our luck, flight delayed 1 hr.  Then 2hr. then 3, and 4hrs. delayed.  Finally got here and flight to Denver smooth and uneventful.  Another 2 hrs. before we got to the hotel.  All is well, had a good night.

DAY2: Thursday. Walked the few blocks to the Colorado Convention Center and got there for the 9:30 opening for members.  They wouldn't let my wife in until 10am.  I went in first, got the 2 Chinese coins commemorating the convention and the two medal set from the ANA.  Then my wife joined me and we headed to the US Mint booth.  I walked up there and asked for some one in authority.  I was going to give them a piece of my mind for cancelling the tours during one of the biggest coin shows in town.  They introduced me to a guy and I said. "who's bright idea was it to cancel the Mint tours.  We planned on this trip back in April, and now no tours."  The gentleman stood there and took my clean, but polite rant, quit clamly.  When I was done he said.  We are having tours for ANA members and show attendees and we have two times, 2pm and 3:30pm."  Well I don't wear bladder control underwear, but I nearly needed it right them and there.  After he explained why they closed it for the show and we talked awhile, I swallowed hard and profusely apologized, but walked away with two 3:30pm tickets.  We made the tour and was exhausted, so we walked back to the hotel, then out for supper.  Did I say we are from the upper mid west?  I mean upper upper mid west near the Canadian border.  Hence the words supper and 2 1/2 hrs. to the airport.

DAY 3: Friday.  Went back to the show and took my time and checked with the Mint to see if they had any 225th anniversary sets.  Forgot yesterday with my tantrum and all.  Explained to them I tried online the first day to no avail.  But as proven yesterday with the Mint tour surprise, they just got 2 cases in literally right in front of me and he asked how many.  I said 2 sets is fine, I am not greedy like the TV and online sellers.  I could have bought both cases, but I am not greedy.  Went through about half of the bourse and decided to go to NGC and get my purchases sent in for grading.  Back to the hotel to wait for my wife who had gone to visit a mutual friend who was seriously injured in a auto crash back in October of last year and is getting therapy in a rehab center in Denver.

DAY 4.  Saturday.  Went back to the show to finish the bourse.   I was shocked to find 30 - 40 % of the tables EMPTY,  And another 20 - 30 % packing up.  This was Saturday and the only free admission day, and probably the only day the working folks could probably make the show.  I was really disappointed and SAD these dealers did not stick around.  I can think of my early days at small 10 to 20 table shows hoping to find a key or something and coming on Saturday and they are half gone.  I did not expect this at the big show.   Found 1 more coin and brought the ones I had left in the hotel safe with that I forgot yesterday to bring from day 2 purchases for NGC to be graded.  Yes I know should have waited to turn them ALL in on the last day.  But I was excited, my first big coin show.  I was like a kid in a candy shop.  By the way we did stop in 2 candy shops on the way back to the hotel.  ENTIRELY my WIFE'S fault.

DAY 5.  Got up, actually my wife got up at 5am to get to the airport, I was up all night ill.  Must have been the candy shop.  No I was seriously ill, up over 39 hrs straight.  Got to the airport and of course I set off the alarms as I did at day one airport.  I have an artificial hip and I was then patted down again.  I have never been felt up so much in five days my whole like. Not even at home.  CHUCKLE CHUCKLE.  Finally got to the gate and the flight was switched to another gate,  got there and the flight was delayed 1 hr. 15 min.  Well that held and got in exactly 1hr. 15 min late.  Got to the car for the 2 1/2 hr. drive home.  Needless to say I welcomed my own bed.,  Good to be home.  8 top tens to go.  All in all, we had a blast.  All the dealers were very nice, chatty and willing to deal.  Left some business cards with some I bought from and made some connections for the future I hope.  So last night asked the wife.  Next big show is in Las Vegas and the FUN show in Florida, which do you want to go to?  NEITHER !!! she said.  We will see.


Anyone done business with World-Numismatics?  Looking at some of their coins and wondering how they are.  Do they ship fast?  Have quality products, trustworthy.  Returns hassle free?  Just some info on them if anyone has bought from them in the past.  I believe they are in England, because they list everything in pounds for prices.  That is no big deal though.  As always Thank you everyone.


World Coins, 12 issues $25.99   Coin World - Weekly News Resources 52 issues $69.99.  Coin World-Monthly 12 issues $24.99.  Thinking about subscribing.  Reviews in Amazon nor really helpful.  Wondering about your thoughts on any of these.  Seems biggest gripe on them all is delivery problems.  Not much on content tho.  Thoughts would be much appreciated.  PS  anyone have the Boys Town Commem in PF70 and MS70 brown label for sale?