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NGC Population Updates?

Like waiting for wallpaper to dry. I don't know if it's just me or does it seem to anyone else that the population reports aren't updated in a timely manner. Does anyone know the frequency schedule for updates or if it is published somewhere on the site? Thanks

24K Solid Gold $50 Indian Head / Buffalo Coin

One time stampede or long lineage? I'm not sure from all that I've read as to weather or not the new $50 Indian Head / Buffalo gold piece will be a one time design for 2006 or will it continue yearly unchanged except for the mint year like the gold American Eagle or will it change in some fashion similar to the platinum American Eagle? $50 Buffal

WHAT A RUSH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I've reached the top of the Mount and the view from here is just great! What a rush a got when I had in my hand the final piece of the six coin 1991 Mount Rushmore comemmorative collection. The coin, the 1991-D 50c piece, NGC graded and certified 'MS 70' Cert # 1956749-003). I noted in my previous journal entry that I've been searching a very long time for this 'jewel' to complete the series. I now own the entire set all graded either MS 70 / PF 70 UCAM. Do I sould like I'm glowing with utter

1991-D Mount Rushmore 50c MS 70

Two Years Of Utter Frustration! I've been looking for either a NGC or PCGS certified and graded 1991-D Mount Rushmore 50c comemmorative half dollar in MS 70. I would be more than grateful to anyone who can point me in the right direction on locating one. Thanks, Kevin

Is NGC the right firm for me?

The Conundrum: My eyes tells me that I prefer the way NGC grades coins yet my eyes (and wallet) also see that PCGS graded coins sell at far greater premiums. What's a collector who's interested in long term appreciation value to do? We've all noticed that PCGS graded coins usually sell for a premium over similarly graded NGC coins. I, like you, have seen the myriad of explanations as to why this situation exists. In the end however all the reasons and explanations make little difference when i


My thoughts on the current topic of solely PCGS sets being listed. When I first started collecting coins someone said to me to buy only NGC or PCGS graded coins. That piece of advice has served me well over the years. I know some people like only one or the other company exclusively. I think they both do a fine job but can't understand why PCGS coins sell at higher premiums than does NGC's. Are PCGS graded coins better coins? Are PCGS grading standards higher? If they are than why is it that N

Let The Truth Be Known / What's Up With Coin Cleaning?

What will my first submission to NGC bring.....joy, terror, fear, rejection...? Now that I've completed the entire Oregon Trail comemmorative half dollar series I just sent them to NGC for grading. This is the first time I've ever submitted coins to be graded by any firm. I'm anxious to see how well I was able to determine the grade of each coin vis-a-vis NGC grade. Before I sent them to NGC I wrote down a grade that I thought the coin to be. It will be interesting to see how close my grade ca

Trail Completed

Found the elusive last two coins needed to complete set in the most unlikely of places. After having searched well over a year I located the last two coins of the series, I needed, at a garage sale across the street.....who knew!

Searching the Oregon Trail.

Ninety percent down the trail and two of 14 still remain elusive! I've been wandering up and down the Oregon Trail in search of the 1938-D and 1938-S. Has anyone passed these two along the comemmorative trail and remember where they were sighted so the location can be passed on to a fellow pioneer? Thanks