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Open Holders

For all of the members who had questions on the open holder situation... I'm surprised that no one has posted a definitive answer to this question, but I will. If you seem to find excess plastic around the edges, this is normal, and should not be thought of as a defect, quality control ineptitude, or tampering. To fully understand this, one must first understand how sonic sealing works. When coins are sonically sealed, high pitched sonic vibrations are converted to heat, which in turn melt the

PCGS versus NGC

How is it fair that PCGS coins sell for more than NGC coins? Recently, I have looked at auctions with teletrade and noticed that PCGS coins seem to carry a significant margin in price over NGC graded coins. I was already aware of this, but just not to this extent. The 2005 MS70 Marine Corps commemorative graded by NGC sold for $150 in one auction, while the same coin graded MS70 by PCGS sold for $1,100! I feel that this is just absolutely ludicrous. I cannot believe that collectors will pay so


Can anyone give me suggestions for good quality loupes for viewing my coins? Currently, I'm looking towards a Zeiss 3x+6x=9x loupe, but it's very expensive. Does anyone have any other suggestions?


I really don't care. In my opinion, I feel that everyone else is making the issue of including other grading companies in the registry too big of a deal. I don't see why we can't just keep it the way it is. NGC and PCGS have both had excellent reviews, showing the consistency of their grades. Several other grading companies, such as ICG, ANACS, and SEGS, have been in the past known for providing dishonest grades, and often times overgraded coins. If such companies are included, what the regi