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This Journal is intended to be a numismatic voyage that coin collecting has taken me on over the more than 55 years of my collecting life.The views I have about collecting and the stories I have to share about my collecting experiences are important to pass on to the next generation of collectors.

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The addition of PCGS coins to U.S. Competitive Registry Sets.

I don’t know what other collectors think about NGC’s new policy but as for myself I think it’s good for these coins to be included.I don’t have many PCGS coins in my collection but I do have some I would like to add to my current Registry Type Set. I was able to use my PCGS coins in my Custom Set but not in any Registry Sets.To me this policy made no sense so I was glad to see the change.  I would like to know what my fellow collectors think about this new policy both good and bad.   B

VSI Collection

VSI Collection


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