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Adventures of Ike Volume 2

More adventures of Ike! Well had a few good adventures this month. First we heading to the Chiricahua mountains in south east Arizona. We stayed in Rucker canyon. Very nice area with tons of wildlife. Saw deer, turkeys, snakes, lizards, skunks. The skunk was bad. It hit one of our friends dog. That was bad. Then we took our yearly trip to Annies orchard in Wilcoxs Az. Mostly known for their apple pies but they also have another large area of produce you can pick yourself and during this

Adventures of Ike Volume 1

Adventures of Ike...My pocket piece. Well last month I thought I would start a new journal. ADVENTURES OF IKE!!!!!!! Who is Ike? Well Ike is my 1971 Silver proof Ike dollar. Yes I busted him out of a brown box.....OH NO!!!! I carry it almost everywhere I go so I thought why not document his journey. First adventure was camping/Deer/Dove hunting weekend. After our son crashed out for the night My wife, Ike and I sat around the fire drinking and laughing. Good times. Then at the recent loc

Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 3

Bringing Funny Back Well a while ago I started putting a set of $1 and $2 bills together. Got a little side tracked with my US coin type set this year. Think its about time to add an older bill to my set. Here is the earliest silver cert I have gotten so far. It is a 1928 A Funny Back. Not rare by any means but I still think its cool. Believe I got this for $10 ish at the Eagle eye coin shop here in Tucson. Not sure what the next one I will pick up is but have been want a $2 Battleship for

Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 2

Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 2 Well I would say it has been a good coining month since my last journal. Can't say good in the terms of what the coins are worth. Had some car troubles and bought some parts for my truck. Those cut into my coining but oh well it happens. First off....Happy 30th B-Day to me!!!!! (Feb 17TH). Yep the big 30. Woke up that day and was a little scared to stand up....Will my whole body ache.....will my old bones give under the weight??? Nope.....Guess getting o

Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 1

Welcome to my Journal. My name is Doug. Every month I will be posting how my coin collecting has been going. If you enjoy what you read please keep an eye out for the next one. Also feel free to follow me and click through my coins. Life of a BrokeCoinCollector Volume 1 Well most people want to lose weight or get rich or whatever for New Years. Me? Nope. I wanted to make a dent in my type set for 2015......Ok and get ripped but that's a different story. First two aren't for my type set but