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A few more 68FT's to add this week

I enjoy my Roosevelt dime set 1965 to date Circulation issue with varieties. Wonder why it takes NGC so long to add coins yearly to the set? I picked up my 2019 P & D dimes and a 2020 D PL dime this weekend for my set at G. C. Knowing that the 2021 coins are getting graded just makes me wonder when they are going to add 2020 to the set. I have around 30 dimes for a submission that should get sent in soon. My set is still missing around 25 coins and has at least 25 coins t

Six Mile Rick

Six Mile Rick in Roosevelt

I am at #7 Overall and no idea how I got here

I have been collecting since I was 8 years old and turn 61 in 2 weeks.  I had the usual starts and stops but for the most part my collecting was always there for me.  I got more serious about a few series in 2013 when I got a new job and needed to escape to my coins.  By way of back ground I am a Trauma Surgeon and have seen suffering, death and dying on a daily basis.  Coins have ben my escape, my safe place, after God it is were I go for peace (this sounds weak and whiny but it is what it is.)


JTO in Registry and NGC

Dear Journal, I now have a Daniel Carr coin!

I have always wanted a Daniel Carr coin and I have now finally received one. This is one of my many dream coins by Mr. Carr. I cannot tell you how much I've wanted one and a very kind man offered me one and I gladly took up that offer. I have received the MCMXXI, 2021 counter-stamped, blue toning, worn Peace Dollar. My next goal is the 1964 Peace Dollar. I hope to keep expanding my Peace Dollar collection and to one day have almost, if not all of the dates and MM's.


UrbanDecay4 in Daniel Carr Peace Dollar

2021 Morgan and Peace

So I saw the US Mint is remaking the Morgan Dollar with all the mint marks (CC, O, D?!?, P, S) and the Peace Dollar for the Centennial celebration of said coins. The Morgan CC is "ugh! why cant they just use a CC rather than an inverse" (or better yet have them stamped in Carson City!!!) or the strange looking "O" that looks like an exaggerated O/S. Keep with the design people!! Then last week, NGC had included the new coins in the related categories, but now have removed them this week (at

Residue... Joy... But, forward with the Bond Coins! (... EDIT to add: Got my sale... maybe?)

Well, I got the notice from NGC/NCS today that they're recommending sending the 1975 Tobacco Dove coin to NCS to remove Residue... No idea how that happened unless it got on there from the OMP back in the day.  Anyway... I went ahead and told them to remove it and then try for a grade again. I suspect I'm going to end up regretting sending that in at all unless it comes back as a MS70 by some miracle. I got the Zimbabwe Bond Coins opened up and into flips. This process was more interesting

"Hey, Dad. We should get a Penny sorter."

So Ben randomly pops up with the fact that he wants a "penny sorter," which my brain interprets to mean one of those automatic coin sorting and rolling machines. I hadn't thought of those in years probably but him saying this reminded me of the fact that I used to see those in Walgreens and other places as a kid. I always really wanted one and thought they would be so cool, but I could just never justify it (or talk my mom into it) and so I always just sorted, counted and rolled by hand. To

It's worth WHAT?

As part of the planning our home purchase my wife asked me what the value of my coin collection was. I have rarely heard such shock in her voice or seen disbelief on her face when I 1) gave her an honest answer and 2) backed it up with hard numbers. The main driver of it is, of course, one small box of coins that I've recently referenced in another entry.    I had to remind Shandy that she let me purchase 2 new gold coins, which added about $1,100 to it, just a month or two ago. And she's


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The New Journal Features

Having joined the Collector's Society and started this Journal in mid-2007 I definitely feel like I've witnessed the site and the journal feature of the site "evolve" over time but I've been enjoying 1 new feature lately now that I'm gaining an understanding of how it works... the new Category feature. When I first rejoined / became active again around 2016/2017 I had to get used to the new system but I very much remember being disappointed by the fact that the new system only let me have 1

The passing of a friend - Bill McKivor

I learned several weeks ago that my friend, Bill McKivor, passed away. I have missed him sorely, but I refrained from posting about it until his family released an obituary (you can find that here). Many of you who knew him have likely already heard, but I wanted to post it here for those who have not. Bill and I did not meet until May of last year, but in the relatively short amount of time that I knew him, he quickly became one of my favorite people. Bill was an unusually kind and generou

We made an offer on a house on 4/20! ... and now we wait.

We put in an offer on a house on 4/20! We started negotiating on 4/19 but the seller didn't accept until 4/20 and that's when we put in the bid contract - which is the only thing that matters under Texas law. We're still waiting on confirmation that they have signed it to put the house under contract after most of yesterday was lost to hashing out a minor issue in the draft of the contract we signed and submitted on 4/20, so we re-signed and resubmitted yesterday and... fingers cr


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OK.... happy in many ways... dumb founded in others

So I got my large submission of coins that included 3 that needed "Conservation". Overall I'm pleased at the results because most of these coins were purchased during the pandemic. It is truly hard to determine a coin based on pictures and description, fortunately many online dealers are willing to help by sending MANY pictures to you. But then you have one that slips through that makes you go......."Damn!! Why didn't I see that?!?" Case in point is my Mayflower Reverse Proof ( 2020PM BRITI


ChrisInJesup in New

Zimbabwean Coins Set and Traveler’s Check Sets

I said in a recent post that I’d be looking to buy some Zimbabwe coins from a dealer in the US that I’ve used a lot and get those submitted. Then, to my surprise, when I went to order, I found that they’d upped their prices and upped their minimum order from $50 to $100. Yeah, they offer free shipping, but, sheesh. Let me have the option to pay the shipping for a smaller order. I wanted to order 2 sets of coins and some notes for about $55. I had not wanted to or planned to spend $100 and buy 3-

Some Updates… That escalated quickly... very quickly.

Sam’s intensive therapy is over. Yay! His last day was actually the Thursday I posted about getting the plaque in the mail. Three weeks of stress and crying and having a generally unhappy 2-year-old can end – but it was for his own good, and he did great. He’s supposed to continue to wear a cast and restrict his left hand one day a week and one meal a day to continue the development of motor skills with his right hand, but that hopefully won’t be as contentious. Shandy and I both got the fi


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Collecting.... it's all based on being a fan!!

Today I found out my major coin submission is coming back (30 coins) and some ratings were surprising and some were what I expected. Many of the coins were minted at the old Franklin Mint, along with some Perth Mint, Royal Mint and some dealers claiming to be a mint. But the Franklin Mint (FM) made me think of what others were thinking in the 80's.. There not worth the metal they are minted on! For some reason, I should have ignored those comments (In some cases I did). I have a few FM


ChrisInJesup in New

Yesterday’s Delivery

So, unlike with the PMG plaque, which arrived on 2/27 - much to my shock – I can’t really call this one a surprise in the mail. I’d seen other’s posting about getting theirs on Monday and Tuesday, so I knew the arrival of this package was probably imminent. Still, it was great to get it. My home office and my windows sit almost directly above the front door to the house, so I heard the carrier scanning the barcodes and the beeping as it was dropped off and I wondered in that moment if that’

It has arrived!

The last few weeks have been very busy. Perhaps this is why I was so surprised to find a package from NGC in my mailbox today. I was so excited that I did not make it to the front door before I had the package ripped open and the coin in hand. Usually, I make an effort not to open coin-related mail outside, but my excitement got the best of me. On any note, I received an 1881 S Morgan Dollar graded MS-64 with the notation of “2020 NGC Registry Award Winner” on the label. This is the only si

I finally have a number one Lincoln cent set!!

Lol, So some context to this great feat of mine.   I recently asked for the registry team to include a new Lincoln set that does not require the varieties to be included in it.   Nothing against those who like collecting the varieties but its just not my thing.  To my surprise today I noticed that NGC created the set that I had asked for!    So I jumped in and created the very first set and am sitting in the number one spot; I have no doubt that as soon as the big guns spot the new set they will

An interesting thought on the concept of "insurance."

When I shipped my box of 10G coins (and a few others) last week I was pretty happy/ content to fork over an extra $26 for Registered mail. The box in question was worth about $5,000-6,000 dollars and contained 12 years of a collecting journey. I would have a hard time finding another 1880, 1887 and 1888 in Gem or near gem grades. I do not want to lose those. However, I'm hoping to queue up 2 more submissions soon - one to NGC and one to PMG, both related to my Zimbabwe collection, that are

US Mint makes me sad and I miss real coin shops!

Having a few US coins and Proof sets when I was a child has made me want to collect more US coins. I have a nice collection of US coins that I feel proud to share with my friends that collect as well. Over the years I have Silver Proof sets from the 1992 till 2019, Silver Eagles from 1986 till 2020, odds and ends of proof sets to the point of "someday I will send these in to get rated".  BUT..... there are some missing pieces.... especially with my Silver Eagles.... because certain people h


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