Braided Hair Half Cents (1840-1857)
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Braided Hair Half Cents
1840 ORIGINAL 1/2C PF Coin Auctions

Auction Stats

Category: Braided Hair Half Cents (1840-1857)
Average Grade (1 Year): (No Data)
Average Grade (All Years): PF 58
Average Price (1 Year): (No Data)
Average Price (All Years): $8,762.83
Volume (1 Year): (No Data)
Volume (All Years): 10

Auction Volume

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10 results found.
Auction House(Ascending)
Sale / Lot(Ascending)
1/26/2014 PF 66 Brown PCGS Goldberg January 26, 2014 The Missouri Cabinet, 77/Lot#148 $33,350.00
8/13/2006 PF 62 Brown PCGS Heritage Auctions 2006 August Denver, CO Signature & Platinum Night Auction #414, 414/Lot#5023 $7,475.00
1/23/2006 PF 63 Brown NGC Heritage Auctions 2006 January Dallas, TX The Jules Reiver Collection Signature Auction #390, 390/Lot#19131 $16,100.00
7/27/2002 PF 63 Red Brown PCGS Heritage Auctions 2002 July New York, NY Signature Sale #296, 296/Lot#5813 $4,830.00
8/6/2001 PF 61 Brown NGC Heritage Auctions 2001 Atlanta, GA Signature Sale #267, 267/Lot#5149 $3,105.00
9/26/1998 PF 65 Brown NGC Heritage Auctions 1998 September Long Beach Sale #192, 192/Lot#5586 $5,865.00
8/2/1997 PF 62 Brown PCGS Heritage Auctions 1997 ANA Signature Sale #175, 175/Lot#5822 $2,645.00
8/17/1996 PF VG 10 Brown PCGS Heritage Auctions 1996 ANA Signature Sale #163, 163/Lot#6488 $3,300.00
2/2/1996 PF 64 Brown PCGS Heritage Auctions February 1996 Long Beach Bullet Sale #150, 150/Lot#15 $4,180.00
9/10/1993 PF 64 Brown PCGS Heritage Auctions NGC East Coast Expo Bullet Sale #114, 114/Lot#6 $4,785.00

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