Counterfeiting is a growing concern in numismatics, and NGC has taken several innovative steps to help protect you, the collector and your coins.

Note: The image above is an embellishment of a holder designed to
appear as a lock. NGC does not have a “lock” holder available.


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In October 2008, NGC introduced an innovative new tool on its website that verifies the certification information of all NGC-certified coins. This tool displays enlargeable images of both sides of the encapsulated coin, shown alongside information from the NGC certification database. The NGC database includes a complete record of the coins graded by NGC since it began operations in 1987, and the image archive accessible through this tool includes pictures of more than 3,000,000 NGC-certified coins.

Coin information and images are available by entering the NGC certification number into the lookup tool on NGC's website. The certification verification tool is now available to everyone at

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NGC’s Scratch-Resistant EdgeView® Holder

The NGC holder is as safe as it is beautiful. Recently, NGC released the Scratch-Resistant EdgeView holder, a next-generation coin holder that includes a micro-printed label with a UV watermark and an advanced-technology hologram fused directly onto the back of the holder — virtually impossible to reproduce. Directional pressure welding cleanly and completely seals your coin inside the holder, while the protective coating guards against scratches, allowing for an elegant display of your most treasured coin.

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With all of these security features, and our continued commitment to innovation, NGC is proud to be the symbol of protection for you and your coins.