How to Submit Coins to NGC

Preparing Submission

Follow these instructions to help ensure that the coins are graded and returned without unexpected fees or delay.

NGC suggests placing raw coins in non-PVC flips or plastic capsules. Flips can be purchased online or from any local coin shop.

  • Place raw coins up to 40.6 mm diameter in 2.5" x 2.5" non-PVC flips. Use larger flips for larger coins. Coins should fit easily into a flip. Placing a coin into a flip that is too small may result in damage to the coin.

    Remove all plastic sleeves or any other packaging before placing a coin in a flip.

  • Place only one (1) coin in a flip and fold the other half of the flip.

    Do not cut, tape, staple or glue flips, as they can damage the coins.

  • Coins may be submitted in plastic capsules instead of flips.

    Do not place a capsule in a flip.

  • List each coin on the correct submission form:

    • Submission form for either US or world coins.
      Do not mix on one form.
    • Ancient Coin Submission form for Ancient Coins.
  • Any coin larger than 45 mm in diameter or 9.5 mm in thickness is considered oversized. Oversized coins must be submitted on a separate submission form.

  • Complete a separate submission form for:

    • Oversized coins (over 45 mm in diameter)
    • GSA Holders
    • Holdered coins

    Do not mix these on a submission form with other coins.

  • Label each flip or capsule with the following information:

    • Submission / invoice number (located in red on the upper right-hand corner of the form)
    • Line number (located before each coin on the submission form)
  • Collect the coins in the order they are listed on the submission form and secure them with a rubber band.

Packing coins for shipment

  • Multiple submissions can be mailed in the same box and can be shipped back together upon request.
  • Pack the coins in a well-secured, appropriately sized box with the submission form. We recommend packing a box within a box.
  • Securely seal the package with reinforced shipping tape to prevent tampering en route. Any damaged, unsealed or poorly sealed packages will be rejected and returned by the shipper.
  • Clearly write WK (for coins in the WalkThrough tier) or EX (for coins in the Express tier) on the outside of the shipping box. These boxes will be opened first.


Do use a flip that fits the coin. A coin should slide easily into the flip.

Do insert one raw coin per flip.

Do use the correct submission form — US, World or Ancient.

Do label flips or capsules with the submission / invoice number and line number.

Do not cut, tape, staple or glue flips.

Do not place capsules in flips.

Do not mix raw and holdered coins on one submission form.

For submissions of 100 or more coins, contact NGC Customer Service. Contact NGC Customer Service with any questions at 1-800-NGC-COIN (642-2646) or [email protected]