NGC Coin Certification Verification

With NGC's industry-leading tool, you can verify the certification of any coin in an NGC holder. By simply entering the certification number on the coin’s label, you’ll have all the details you need right at your fingertips — so you can buy and sell coins with confidence.

Here’s how:

1. The coin certification verification tool is accessible from the NGC home page or from the NGC Collectors Society page. Visit our Verify Certification page by using the drop down menu under "NGC Research" and selecting the menu option "Verify NGC Certification." In the space provided, enter the coin’s certification number exactly as it appears on its label. For example, 1234567-001.
2. Click “Submit.”

3. You’ll see two fields of information pulled straight from NGC’s database — “Coin Images” and “Coin Information.”
4. Under “Coin Images,” you’ll find obverse and reverse images of the coin, which you can enlarge twice for up-close views of the finer details. Note that this feature is not available for all coins and images are shown only when available.

5. Under “Coin Information,” you’ll find the coin’s date and specific information, under “Date / Info,” and then its denomination and grade. Then, under “Additional Information,” you’ll find its NGC price guide value, when available, and a link to see its population in NGC’s population report. You’ll also be able to open and read its Coin Encyclopedia article
6. If the information provided does not match the information on the coin you’re verifying, or if you believe that the information is incorrect or incomplete, please contact [email protected]