From the NGC Archives: 1827 Capped Bust Dime

Posted on 8/24/2010

Gem examples of 1827 dimes are scarce and highly prized by both type collectors and series specialists.

John Reich is credited with creating this coin type in 1809. Dimes were struck only intermittently, as most depositors of silver bullion requested payment in the form of half dollars, the largest silver denomination then available. Coinage of this type continued until 1837, though with some notable modifications over the years.

The dimes of 1827 are not rare in overall numbers, but gem examples are quite scarce and are highly prized by both type collectors and series specialists. Though a trifle softly struck in places, this attractive dime is well detailed overall. Its fields are brilliantly prooflike, displaying just isolated patches of frostiness. A few soft streaks of golden toning are seen on this otherwise white example. Pedigreed to the famed John J. Pittman Collection, this beauty appeared as Lot 558. Cataloger David Akers was of the opinion that this piece is a proof.

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