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1880 DDO & MAD 1C FS-101

Variety Diagnostics

Minor doubled die obverse on “LIBERTY”. Strong misaligned die clash on reverse showing denticals through “ONE CENT”.


A misaligned die clash occurs in the same way as a regular die clash; the dies strike each other without a planchet in between and the design transfers. The difference, however, is that the dies are misaligned and therefore design transfer is out of normal position. This dramatic variety was created by dies that were almost 50% off-center misaligned. The transfer details are incredibly strong which adds to its popularity. Interestingly enough, the clashed reverse is paired with a doubled die obverse, adding to the variety’s allure. This is a very popular variety among Indian cent collectors and always in high demand. It seems rather scarce at the present time.

VarietyPlus Cross Reference

NGC LabelFS-101
Fivaz-Stanton (OLD)FS-009.41

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