Counterfeit Coin Advisory

In response to an increased emergence of counterfeit coins entering the marketplace, NGC has put together this information resource. This page will be updated as important new developments are added. Last update 10/19/2009.

Beginning in May of 2009, several prominent numismatic organizations began working in concert to address coin and currency counterfeiting. They employ a three-pronged approach that includes education, legal enforcement and public relations. NGC is proud to be an active participant in these efforts. News releases regarding this effort can be found here:

October 12, 2009: Millions Lost From Coin Fakes, Hobby Leaders Warn
June 2, 2009: Hobby Leaders Discuss Anti-Counterfeiting Actions

If you are interested in learning more about detecting counterfeit coins, click here.

Counterfeit NGC Holders

In order to facilitate the trade of counterfeit coins in the international marketplace, counterfeiters have copied the encapsulations used by prominent certification companies, including NGC. They have done this because all modern-era coins legitimately certified by NGC are guaranteed authentic. NGC has taken several aggressive steps to curtail the spread of counterfeit NGC holders.

In October 2008, we formally began a photography initiative that allows prospective buyers to see images of coins taken at NGC after certification. These images are available by entering the NGC certification number into the lookup tool on NGC's Web site. How to use the NGC certification verification tool.

Learn more about this initiative here:

April 2, 2009: Enhanced Certification Verification with Coin Images Now Available
December 8, 2008: NGC Announces Coin Photography Initiative as Major Step Against Counterfeit and Altered Holders

Also in response to the counterfeit NGC holder, we have introduced a redesigned and more secure version of the NGC holder. The security features include a next-generation hologram fused directly onto the back of the holder. We also use UV watermarking and a holographic layer on the NGC label. These features make accurate replication very difficult. Click for more information about the NGC holder.

Counterfeit Holder Contact Information

If you see a counterfeit NGC holder being offered for sale, please contact us immediately at [email protected].